Thursday, November 16, 2006

intra mural

don't call it intermural, please.
I am headed to the J, then am MAKING myself attend and participate in the intramural swim meet. 50 breast. this is the only event I speculate I will not lose by a lot.
my goal is not to come in last. I went off a starting block 3x yesterday for the first time in my life. all were successes. self-efficacy for going off starting block is high. I hope this will be a healing psychological experience as my first and only other swim meet experience was around age 9 or 10 and was unsuccessful. it was at SMU in the indoor pool. 3 things clenched my non-participation: starting gun, deep water, and starting block.
finished revising my proposal today. that was an early Christmas miracle. I had been making remarkably little progress really ever since the grant debacle.
now, on to the data!!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I have diagnosed Brad with the flu. He had sudden onset of achy-ness and fever. He has been at home in bed all day. He won't take any vitamin C or fever reducer. I suppose fever is adaptive if one can stand the discomfort, but he is clearly in much discomfort. It is sad. I, selfishly, hope he has the flu for which I have been inoculated. I have had a flu shot for the past at least 10 years, so surely he has one of those. He clearly has the superior immune system, however, because he hardly ever gets sick. Apparently, this is one of the reasons I was initially attracted to him, and he to me, that we have very different immune systems, making for our super-Aryan babies. FREAKY. I read that in Getting the Love you Want by Harville Hendricks. That is an awesome book BTW. That being the part about the immune systems, not about the blonde-haired, blue-eyed breeding. Or possibly it was in How to be an Adult in Relationships or The Truth about Love. I am the only one of us who reads these books, however, I will take more than half the responsibility for our lack of communication skills. Well, sometimes. I have had lots of group therapy and regular therapy to learn the "language of feelings." But, the problem when one of you speaks French and the other speaks Japanese is obvious. Anyway, whoa, extreme tangent. But, I suppose I generally go from one non-sequitur to the next, don't I? ADD.
I have decided to sleep on the sofa. I wonder how it will go.
I had thought about, entertained the idea of, swimming 50 breast in the intramural meet. The best time I can remember off the wall in the short-course meter pool is 51. That is one of many, and not rested or anything. 2 week taper, right? haha This seems relatively fast to me. However, in converting to short-course yards, that would put me at around 45, which would put me in 15th place in 2004 (out of 15!) That seems extremely slow to me. I don't think I want to lose by that much. Additionally, I have never done a start off a starting block. I should take some courage from my former student who entered himself in 3 events, never having done a start, period, off the block or otherwise, including the 200 free. He thought he had come in 3rd or so, but instead, had lost count and had only swum 150 yards. After a lengthy conversation with the lane judge, he finished the last 50 at least a minute behind the last finisher. That was very brave. It is my last year of eligibility...