Tuesday, September 30, 2008

not as much zeal

We did leave the house today, first for a walk during which Hank was not too happy, then fell asleep about 15 minutes before we got home. He woke up at 5:40 this morning. Early, for him.
Then we picked up my fixed computer. A new, big HD and more RAM. A LOT less expensive than getting a new computer.
BH thinks an iPhone is too expensive. I hope I can take the gift certificate back.
Tomorrow, we are going to visit DJ and back to L&E's to use my Dad's 10.5 CD and scan some things. I have a scanner, too, but I might as well do it over there.
Hank stood up today several times by sitting behind his plastic Einstein thing. It was for the sole purpose of eating the top of the Einstein. I went into to the kitchen from the den, which is essentially the same room, and when I came back, he was standing there with his lips sticking out, standing, slightly bent over going for the green thing on top. There is not anything he doesn't want to eat these days. The other day he wanted to eat the window, so I let him. It was a little dusty, but not anymore.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Bday, BH; Happy New Year, J friends!

9/29 BH is 37. LM and EBM and I got him an iPhone. He would not tell me anything he wanted, but that gift occurred to me, and he seemed like he liked it. I made salmon and brussel sprouts and brownies for dinner and a whole bunch of scrambled eggs and quinoa, separately for his lunches.
It is funny how one marries one's mother or father. I am awake, now because he woke me up with his snoring. (I think they would all be surprised to hear I see many similarities between the three of them - my parents and BH). I beat him to sleep, which my mom also says helps her, but I couldn't get back to sleep. BH and my dad are quick to remind my mom and me that we snore. We don't deny we do, and I will gladly change positions to stop. When I was pregnant, there was no position in which I didn't snore. That snoring was due to fluid retention. Usually, my snoring is due to sinus congestion. I know this is so mundane. I just ramble to entertain myself until I get sleepy enough again that I can sleep through snoring..

I enjoyed the process today with Hank. We left the house THREE times. I didn't fall asleep when he napped, but once I cuddled with him and the other time just sat in the room with him doing other things. I read most of the Attachment Parenting book. It made me wish I had worn him more as an infant. I also wish I had embraced the cosleeping thing earlier. I didn't want to sleep touching him when he was an infant because I thought it would be bad if he got used to sleeping while cuddled (beware baby trainers). It makes sense to cuddle a baby while he sleeps ESPECIALLY when he is tiny. Progress not Perfection. The other suggestion in the book that resonated with me was, "don't think about all the things you should be doing while you are nursing your baby (or doing whatever with baby)." Illegal! He said it's fine to make a list, but you are not allowed to worry about finishing it, and you should just enjoy the sweet time with baby. The dishes will get done later.

I saw a segment of an extremely heartbreaking story on Oprah, a family addicted to heroin - the parents and 2 teenaged sons. They also had a 13 month old baby. That story is one of the most tragic I have heard. I speculate Oprah will receive many requests to adopt that baby. She offered each of them treatment in a separate facility, including travel and the cost of treatment, if they would each call to express their desire to go within 24 hours.

I get my computer back tomorrow. We are also stopping by the condo to get the mail and check in. Wednesday we are going to visit DJ in the hospital. She is getting a bionic knee. I am proud of myself for going to the hospital to see Courtney. I used to do lots of things like that, without fanfare, but I have mentioned that I have felt like doing NOTHING or going ANYWHERE for more than a year. I hope this turn for the better (normal) is an upward spiral I can keep riding. I like the gets out and does nice things for people Meredith. I guess my next goal should be makes social engagements and keeps them. The integrity Meredith.

OK, I am going to shoot for sleep, again.

Shana Tovah!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

itchy skin disease

On my right, proximal, posterior forearm, I occasionally get what I call itchy skin disease. I went to the dermatologist thinking it was something on my skin, but she said it's just an upstream sensory nerve needlessly firing, and that area is the area it innervates. She said it only happens in people with muscular arms. Guilty as charged.
It woke me up this morning. The hydrocortisone cream she gave me did nothing to keep it from itching. I am now doing some cryo-therapy on it. When I had that stress fracture in my fibula, before I knew it was a stress fracture, I accidentally gave myself frostbite on my shin by leaving this ice pack on it too long. It made that skin numb, though, and I am thinking it would be awesome if my forearm skin went numb right about now.

My computer has been dead for a while. I finally took it in to get a new hard drive because being computerless was making me anxious. Being cut off from the world via technology is something some people have a hard time with. Apparently, I am one of those people. Isn't that interesting. I am trying to quit shoulding all over myself.
I have been feeling, off and on since I got pregnant with Hank, like not doing ANYTHING. It is getting better lately, but while I was sitting in the anxiety of being computerless, I couldn't make myself take the initiative to go get it fixed. I was so proud of myself on Friday for getting out with Hank and running a few errands. Seems like a given, and I never knew I had that kind of agoraphobia, but apparently it's a tendency of mine. When I talk to myself about it, it usually starts like, "geez, you really need to go do___. Just go do it. I don't feel like it. Well, you are lazy, then. I am tired. Other people have babies and aren't tired. Other people leave the house. Self, stop shoulding all over me. It's ok. Just do the next 5 minutes. You're right, I'm sorry. I am always right. Hello."

Had a bad sinus infection last week. It was the first time I have been sick since I was pregnant. It must have been at least a year ago. That's pretty good. Went to the doctor a little late in the illness, and she gave me augmentin, an antibiotic. I usually have an iron stomach when it comes to medicine, but it made me very sick. I couldn't sleep and was very nauseated. I thought I was back to normal the next day, so I went to Central Market. While I was in line being talked to by this hippie who was admiring Hank, I got vasovagal and had to get out of line and go sit down. A Central Market employee was extremely nice and gave me a bag of ice and a free, giant bottled water (score!) and loaded my groceries. He even offered to drive me home. The ice and the car a/c made me feel much better, and I was able to drive home fine. These two little old ladies came up and were trying to entertain Hank while he was still sitting in his floppy in the cart, but he is just starting to get stranger anxiety, and when they tried to pick him up out of the cart, he started crying. It was funny how I snapped out of feeling nauseated to soothe him. Not like lifting a car off your kid or anything, but the same principle, I think.

LM and EB are in Red River. Be jealous!

Two new babies recently - William (Will). I think his middle name is Thomas.
And John Hudson (Hudson). Both very cute. Both born by c-section, and both moms are recovering well. C-section babies do come out already looking cute because they aren't squished at all. Of course, Hank was cute even squished, but some babies it takes a couple of days to get cute. These guys were cuties from the first minute!
One more baby coming in November in my circle. And hopefully a Hazel or Hannah or Hayle or Hughes sometime in the works within the year.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

cool morning in Dallas

It was in the upper 60's this morning before I woke up.
I think Hank woke up before I did because I woke up to his pulling my hair, and I think he had been talking to me before that. It was 8 am!!! Extremely late for me.

I think warrantless wiretapping should be called unwarranted wiretapping.
Thank God I fell asleep before Palin talked last night. I would have had to clean up WAY too much puke.

Today Lana and Ernie have been married 43 years. Congratulations! i hope Brad and I make it that long. Just kidding. I know we will. He is an awesome husband and an awesome dad. We just had our 6 year anniversary in August. We didn't do anything to celebrate it, really. Well, we bought a giant, comfortable mattress. That was a celebration in itself. It is the most awesome mattress of all time. The other person can be doing kickboxing on his side of the bed, and you can't feel it on your side.
The other day, however, my wonderful husband had his feet where my head goes. That is a totally Monk no no of mine that I have had as long as I can remember. No feet in the vicinity of where any other body part goes, particularly not the head. But, I averted the crisis by just changing my pillow cases. Whew. I know we are going to make it.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

who are these nutcases?

Watched the Democratic convention coverage on PBS. Jim Lehrer led the commentary, which I thought was pretty benign. Making myself watch the Republican convention to check up on the biases of PBS. The governor of Maryland spoke in support of McCain. I can't believe a black man would be a Republican. I really can't believe anyone would be a Republican, but especially people who are disenfrachised by Republicans. Who are these poor, deluded people chanting "drill baby, drill"? (Off-shore drilling would make 0 difference in gas prices until McCain was finished with his term, and even then, it would be an irrelevant, regressive drop in the bucket). Huckabee? Romney? Reallly? No, we can't! No, we can't!
Romney talked about family values, sex, drugs... Palin's daughter is "choosing" to keep her baby. She gets to choose because we still have a right to choose.
Lastly, it is SO bizarre Fred Thompson postured that McCain is anti-government establishment. The Republican party is the establishment reasonable people are trying to undo, not vice versa. Fred Thompson also used the phrase "angry left." I didn't feel angry until he used that phrase, then I felt disgusted.
It was only 78 when we got to Dallas today. We waited 2 hours in Jarrell to have a flat tire changed. Fortunately it was only about 80, there. Going to clean out more of Lana and Ernie's house.
I wish people would say, "God bless humans" instead of "God bless America." Or, "God bless the earth." Why just bless us? We need God to bless everyone so we can all get along. Do they think God is listening, was thinking about blessing everything and everyone, but instead decides then only to bless the US? Plus, are they asking God to bless North and South America, or do they just mean the US. Does that include Canada? What about Puerto RIco and Guam? God bless the Universe.

Monday, September 01, 2008


Some Focus on the Family freaks prayed for rain to rain out the last night of the Democratic convention (in the outdoor stadium). When you ask God to do something mean to other people, God does something mean to you. Or actually, to the disenfranchsed people you exploit or use at your convenience (e.g. Katrina/Gustav victims). Consequently, no one spoke at the Republican convention today. The moral is, "focus on your own damn family."

Speaking of the exploited, Brad and I watched Fast Food Nation, the fictional narrative based on the non-fiction book about the fast food industry, illegal immigrant workers, poor kids from small towns, and the reason you will never want to eat another fast food hamburger, again. The movie was VERY depressing. I think it might have been more depressing than say, Schindler's List. While SL was extremely depressing and sad, at least there was a small glimmer of hope (Schindler and the list). The plight of these folks is endless and hopeless and cycles for generations. Very very dark.

Enjoyed seeing Brad for an extra day this weekend. Wednesday, the kid and my parents and I are going to Dallas to do another round of clean up and clean out in their house.

Lastly, I got the oil changed on Brad's truck this morning at the Jiffy Lube where we always go - Lamar at around 34th. As I was leaving, the young, attractive, African-American chap that performed the oil change for "my husband's truck," said, "you got some guns, too." I can only speculate that what he meant by "too" was that in addition to having my oil changed, I also have large biceps muscles. I am not sure, however.