Thursday, December 08, 2005

Today is the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's death. I was reading a pictorial bible book over at Grandmother Crook's house when I found out Lennon had been murdered. She was reading the paper and said, "that rock star died." I am not sure if I knew exactly who the Beatles were, but I remember knowing who he was. She bought me the pictorial bible book because not too long before that, I had quoted my dad to her to tell her there was no God. We had been watching Donny and Marie. She was pretty upset that I thought that (and probably that my dad thought that.) I was just thinking it would be cool to mock tv like Dad did.

Anyway, have my last exam ever today. Woohoo!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Saw some awesome swimming this weekend. Saw Peter Vanderkaay win the mile. It was really beautiful. He didn't kick for about the first 1000, then as the closest guy started to make his move, he started kicking.
Got to see Kaitlin Sandeno, many of the UT Olympians, PVK and some other Michigan badasses. It was really cool.
I get to go to a clinic taught by Neil Walker tomorrow. That is going to be awesome.

Played on Thursday. Several friends came out. It was fun. I enjoyed singing and was surprised at how well my fingers worked. I am going to try to get a gig at that coffee shop inside the Groovy Lube on Guadalupe. They have music.

Brad has redone another window, and I helped a little on one today. That only leaves 3. Awesome.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

committee confirmed

Everyone I asked to be on my diss committee said yes. Now, my candidacy application needs to go through a long series of approvals, but I should be good to go.
Got to watch some prelims at the Texas Invite this morning. Saw Ian Crocker and Neil Walker swim 100 fly in the same heat. That was cool. Saw 8 heats of 100 fly. Ouch! And several heats of 500 free. All well under 4:45, many well under 4:30. A couple in the 4:20's. Wow. Faster than I can swim a 50, I think.
I am going to go back on Saturday and watch some prelims and/or finals. Saw Sandeno. Didn't see Phelps this time. He could swim, I guess since Crocker did, but maybe he just wasn't there this morning.
Brad has a cold. I am eating a lot of zinc and vitamin C and trying to get plenty of rest. He doesn't feel bad, but is stuffy.
Only one more week of school. Eek.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A-, Next A+

I made an A- on my statistics test. Yeah! I am headed up, so next one will for sure be A+.

My new favorite sandwich (stolen from Little Deli vegetarian):
Whole wheat roll
a little bit of cheddar, a little bit of mozzarella
red bell pepper
portabello mushrooms (marinated in balsalmic vinegar)
artichoke hearts
warm up the bread and cheese for 30 seconds in microwave
= awesome

Swam slowly today. Steve took pity on me. I did do an awesome main set at the TLC on Friday:
400 IM
4x100 IM
2x200 IM
4x100 IM
all on :15R!

Had a great TG. My family on both sides is cool. I am lucky.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ban divorce

I read a really funny editorial about amendment 2 to the TX constitution. If the "religious" right really wanted to protect the sanctity of marriage, they would campaign to ban divorce. I totally agree. 50% of hetero marriages end in divorce. Surely the gays can better our statistics.
Speaking of statistics, I took my 3rd test today. It wasn't very fun. I think I did OK, but I am never good at guessing that.
The plumber was supposed to come yesterday to fix the leaky tub and didn't show. Boo.
Headed to big D on Thursday. Can't wait to eat the multitude of dishes.
Coach Steve says we're doing another 400 IM tomorrow. Maybe 2. Eek.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Barton Springs and new GRE pool = 68˙

The new Gregory pool opened Friday. The water is 68˙. As you know, this is the temperature of Barton Springs. Brr. Granted I swam at Barton on Saturday, but I was wearing a wetsuit, as usual. They are not planning on getting a cover for the pool. What the who? This seems a little cuckoo to me. Supposedly the J pool was 84 this morning. I have never been in when it was that warm. I think if Keith Bell had his way that water would be 68, also. I don't know why he doesn't coach people out there. Or at Deep Eddy. Actually, I think he does coach at Deep Eddy.
I am waiting on the plumber to come over and fix the leaky bathtub faucet. I actually took a bath last night, but it was still kind of yucky in there.
Now Brad wants us to move over by Deep Eddy, speaking of Deep Eddy. I guess we need to build the garage apt first, then rent out this house and the garage apt and then we can move over there. It still kind of freaks me out when he talks about us moving. Moving to me is such a HUGE deal. Any disruption in my routine is a HUGE deal. And believe it or not, I have made progress in that area. I know it's his way of fantasizing for fun and escape, but to me thinking about moving is not a pleasant fantasy. I guess I do fantasize about change sometimes, but it's little bitty changes like refinishing the bathtub and getting to take baths all the time. What a great fantasy. Brad obviously isn't interested in baths.
Have test #3 tomorrow. I feel pretty prepared, but I am studying this afternoon!!!!!

Friday, November 18, 2005

bathtub abort

Well, we were going to get our bathtub resurfaced today, but the faucet leaks, so we can't do it, yet. Also, I didn't know Rockit can't be in the house while he's doing it. After I had chased Rockit into the bedroom, I had a hell of a time getting him out to put him in the carrier to take him outside. Meanwhile, the guy tells me about the leak. We will hopefully be able to get the leak fixed and get it done later. However, it might require something big in which case, we are not going to get it fixed until we do this "bathroom remodel" I have been hearing about. The guy did get the tub unbelievably clean. I scrub and scrub and it looks dirty, but he used some seriously caustic stuff and some 50 grit sandpaper, and it looks pretty clean. I REALLY hope we can get the leak fixed because I would REALLLLLLLY like to be able to take baths in my own house. Maybe it will work out.
I guess things like this make you grateful for modern conveniences like toilets, sinks, and showers. Many people in the world do not have these luxuries. We are really blessed. And I would be super duper blessed if I had a bath tub to take baths in.

Studying this weekend. Going to Lesley's wedding. Clients and classes in the morning on Sunday. Might go to a JV TG celebration Sunday afternoon.

Had a great swim workout this morning. 4100 m
This was the main set
1 x 100 on 1:45
2 x 100 on 1:50
3 x 100 on 1:55
4 x 100 on 2:00
1 x 100 on 3:00
The only hard part was the first 3 100's. I made all the intervals, though, and was pretty happy.
Maybe someday I will get my 100m free time down under 1:30. My fastest 100 yd time is 1:17. I have no idea how I did that. Justin paced me, and I haven't been able to do it since.
Steve says we are doing a 400 IM on Wednesday. I am going to tell him about shaving off another minute this next 3 months.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


I just turned the heat up in my office to 80. Awesome.
This morning I was FREEZING after my run. I put the serious down comforter on the bed after Brad got out of it. I can't WAIT to go to sleep tonight.
I am subbing a step class later. I hope I am not too rusty.
OK, studying for my test. Right - this - second....

where did the year go?

I can't believe it's Nov 17. We only have 3 weeks of school left! I have a test Tuesday, then we only have 3 classes, and we have our last test.
Ran fast this morning. Then I had rebound hypothermia when I stopped.
Have a long day today.
Tomorrow we are getting our bathtub reglazed. I am SO excited. I have not been able to take baths in our bathtub since we moved in - it's old and despite lots of scrubbing never gets clean. The bad news is we can't use the bathtub for 48 hours after they do the coat, so that means showering at the J this weekend. That is ok with me, but Brad is not very happy. He also doesn't want us to do it because we are going to redo our bathroom sometime. We've lived here 3 years!
I get to play at a Starbucks Xmas party in a couple of weeks. I'll let you know if it's open to the public...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

the good and bad

Well, it looks like Travis county was somewhat sane, but the rest of Texas is apparently 75% full of bigoted, ignorant people. My first thought was to move, but I guess the best way to change something is from the inside out, so I am going to stay and perform as many gay marriages as I possibly can.
At least 2 states (one of which voted for Bush) elected democrats as governors.
The civil rights movement in this country did not happen overnight, so this civil rights movement will take time, I suppose.

Something that makes me happy, my swim workout was good this morning.
WU. 2x (100 FR, 100 BR)
4 x50 BR

I. 20x25 Fly with fins :10R

II. 6x50 fly kick on back with fins on interval (1:05)
6x50 fly kick on side "
6x50 fly kick on front "
2x50 fly kick on front fast "

III. 10x100 free on moderate interval with paddles. I held 1:45's and did them on 2:00. I was pleased with that.

CD. 3x(50 BK, 20 FR, 20 BR)
200 pull

I told coach Steve about my 400 IM success, and he said now, I need to do it in a meet. If it's a meet with people who can't swim very well, I am totally in! Or a meet in which everyone starts in the water. Yes, I am there! Or maybe the special olympics. I could definitely take some of those kids. He was happy for me. I didn't tell him my plan to take off a minute every 3 months. I am sure he will go for that.

Have my eye on 2 dogs at TLAS. One is a jack russell mix boy 2 years, the other is a rat terrier mix girl 5 years. Both are strays. I am first on the list. Brad still hasn't said we can get a dog. I wonder if we can have a trial-run....

Sunday, November 06, 2005

oh yeah

The other good news is I made a B+ on my multivariate exam. Even better, 5 people did worse than I did. Isn't that awesome?
the freaky thing is we kind of even look alike!

defeat/success at komen

Brad got second overall at race for the cure. I, however, had a side stitch. Boo. I got it around the first mile, so I never could get rid of it. I am sad. This 20 minute thing is very elusive. I ran about 2 minutes faster last year. I can't figure out what my deal is. I tried to get Brad to agree that once I break 20 minutes, we can get a dog. He didn't say no. But he has said we cannot get a dog. I REALLY want a dog. I think I REALLY just want something to take care of. Rockit doesn't need me to take care of him, although I appreciate how dog-like he has been since he became an only child. Brad didn't think he ran as well as he might have because he spent all day yesteraday using the jackhammer on the foundation of the garage. He said it was exhausting. He did eat a whole box of dots last night, which, for him, is an ergogenic aid.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


I broke 8 minutes on the 400 IM.
I am very excited.

KKK "rally" was 12 guys with bandanas on their faces. Way to go. And I want use Bush's quote you're either for us or against us. If you are for the gay marriage ban, you are with the KKK. Way to go.

Lana is here, and we are having fun.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

My attention span is <> that long. Apparently, this is normal because everyone I have polled has been complaining of the same problem. Polled? poll. I think that's right, but I am also lazy and don't want to look it up.
Big test today. I need some serious luck because the last one I knew what I was doing going in and got a B-. This one is shakier.
Ran slowly this morning. 4x400's. These were slower than my 12x400's a couple of weeks ago.
Some guy thought Brad was a student at McCallum HS. That is awesome!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2005


Went to Brad's work's corporate challenge. It was a benefit for CF. It was pretty neat. For the record, I cannot accurately throw a football. I can throw a pretty spiral that goes to a person, but I cannot throw into a hole. I also am not very good at shooting baskets. Ironically, I don't think Brad or I helped the 8 person 50 yard dash relay much, either. Most people, even those who never run, can run 50 yards fairly fast without stopping. We did well in the standing long jump. We both had problems with the 8 person jump rope. Brad was stuck on the end, so he had to jump fairly high. It was hard to get 8 people into a rhythm.
Today I had a long morning at the J. 2 classes, then 2 clients. Then I got my flu shot. I was ready to go to the grocery store on my way home, and I coudn't find my car key. I put in on its own ring a while back because the mechanic said I was wearing out the ignition with a heavy set of keys, and somehow just the car key came off. Fortuntely someone volunteered to bring me home because Brad was outside (and still is) tearing down the garage.
I am studying for my test Tuesday. Yesterday, I didn't get a lot of studying done. Got to finish up this afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Had a GREAT swim this morning. I felt great. I felt slow and was slow on Wednesday. Today, I exerted a lot of effort and went faster than I have in a long time. And, just in case you didn't know, the pool is 25 m!!!!!
WU 400 free, 200 pull

I. 4 x 50 FR KK on :60
4 x 50 FR KK on :55
4 x 50 FR KK on :50 - all with fins and board

II. 4 x 25 fly :05R
3 x 25 back :05R
2 x 25 breast :05R
1 x 25 free :05R
2 x 100 IM :10R
1 x 200 IM :10R
2 x 100 IM :10R
4 x 25 fly :05R
3 x 25 back :05R
2 x 25 breast :05R
1 x 25 free :05R
Yes - no extra rest between these - yes - they got slower and slower

III. 10 x 100 FR odds fast, evens easy on 2:10
I swam all but one of the fasts under 1:40. Very exciting. One was 1:36. All that fly is helping my free!!!

CD 2 x (2 x 25 catch scull, 50 breast)
= 3500

Today, I am home studying for my multivariate exam. I think it is going to be hard!
I have a client, and that's it.
Did I mention this week has flown by?

Thursday, October 27, 2005

I am sorry the Astros got swept, but this picture is awesome. I thought baseball players were homophobic. I guess they are homophillic.
This week has FLOWN by. We have our second multivariate test on Tuesday, so this weekend will be big-time studying.
We are also doing Brad's work corporate activity get together. I told Brad I will be like Michael Keeton in Mr. Mom where he tries to beat Terri Garr's boss in the games by foulplay or extreme effort. That will be awesome.
Just waiting on the indictments....

Monday, October 24, 2005

Early vote

Early voting begins today and runs thru 11/4
Travis county voters can vote at any early voting location.
That Randall's on 35th has voting from 7-7 M-Sat, 12-6 Sun

Thursday, October 20, 2005

I woke up at 3:20 local time which is 5:20, my usual awakening time (if not earlier). So, I decided to go ahead and get up. By 4 am, there was someone else in the 24 hour workout room with me. It's 5:25, and the place was pretty full when I left.
My flights were fine. I didn't know the plane was going to stop in Las Vegas until I got to the airport. The people who got off the plane which was most of the people are the last people on earth I would want to spend time with. I was really hoping we didn't crash on an island between Austin and Nevada. Things start at 8 am, so I have plenty of time to shower, eat, and figure out what to go to today. I stand by my poster tonight from 5:45-8 pm. I hope there is a chair because that's a lot of standing. I could walk to the airport in the morning. The hotel is very close.
I almost didn't get to take a bath last night, but I MacGuyvered the plug - it didn't seal. It's a good thing because I brought about 3 pounds of epsom salt I was hoping to not carry back with me on the plane.

Just got back from the buffet. Ate my weight in fruit. This was an obligation due to the $11 price tag. Still have about 45 minutes until anything starts. People are friendly. I met two women from NMSU in Las Cruces last night. I noticed they have a health ed program. Maybe there is an NMSU branch in Northern New Mexico. Las Cruces is fairly unscenic and fairly hot.
First thing this morning I am going to a pres by one of Fred's former students. That one should be good. The keynote is a 10:30 and is about childhood obesity - the theme of the conference. The speaker wrote the book, Diabesity. That one should be good. A nap may be in order because it is 7:30 and seems like lunchtime. There is a "free" lunch/discussion that I am going to. One of the topics is adolescents and risk-taking. Sounds good.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

California, Here I come

Headed to Burbank tomorrow for the infamous ASHA convention. I hear it is really wild. I can't wait to take a bath in the hotel bathtub and watch cable tv. Oh, yeah, and put my poster up and all that stuff.
Rode my bike to school both days this week. It was really nice out this morning. Dry and sunny.
Ran 400's this morning. 10 at all-time record pace. Marie said it was 5k inexperience why I didn't perform up to snuff at the last one. I could go with that, but that means Brad suffered the same plight. We'll see at Race for the Cure....
Speaking of record times. I also did another 400 IM on Friday. In the meter pool at TLC. 8:12! This a a :46 improvement. I think I will definitely be ready for 2008 at this rate.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Weekend update

Went to Dallas this weekend to visit Lana and Ernie and go to the fair. We had a nice time. Ate my annual corny dog. The carmel apple was not up to snuff. The performing dogs were impressive.
Getting ready to go present a poster at my first conference in Burbank. I am excited. I am most excited about staying in the hotel and taking a bath. That is going to be awesome. Maybe someday we will have a stove and a working bathtub in our house. (Can you hear the violins playing the sadest song in the world?)
My swimming class students got a special treat last week - Neil Walker gave a clinic in two classes. He taught flip turns and open turns. He was very good, and the students enjoyed it.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Please remember to vote on November 8. Please vote no to amendment 2 to ban gay marriage. It is a violation of civil rights to deny anyone the right to marry whoever s/he wants to. God made everyone straight, gay, whatever. Ironically, God even made James Dobson. (I imagine God is getting pretty ready with the lightening by now as much as Dobson has been misquoting God lately.)

Also, if you get picked to be on Delay's jury in Travis county, don't let us down.

Hodgkinson victory in Elgin

Brad and went out to our first extremely small 5k where we attempted to dominate. The cards were in my favor, but neither of us performed up to what we expected. Brad has been training a lot for his, and I have been doing track workouts which was more than I was doing this time last year. Brad won his agegroup, and I won overall female. We were about a minute slower than we expected, so, I think the course was long. Maybe we were coincidentally both not having a good day. I received a monopoly game called Elginopoly. Brad was not very thrilled with his performance, so didn't want to wait for his award, though I think we would have come home with TWO Elginolpolys if we had waited. We also didn't eat any sausage because you aren't hungry (especially for sausage) right after a 5k. The weather was cool, but not as cold as I had hoped. 60ish.

I feel 1 million times better than last week. I am still taking the prednisone and zyrtec and nasonex and getting regular acupuncture, again. This should keep me feeling good.

Thursday night I am going to Big D to go to the Fair! Yeah. And eat some great food and run at WR and swim at the TLC.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

This one we are going to use for our TOH remodel pic
This is me in Montana by the bear grass
This is the old garage that Brad had to go through extreme red tape for us to get a permit to tear it down

The new shed!
New shed 2!

feeling better

I have had a persistent sinus infection. went back to the doc yesterday and he put me on steroids. after 3 doses, I feel MUCH better. yesterday, I was achy, had a fever, stuffy, felt like doodoo. today, mentally, I feel SO much better, and physically so much better. i can see why they are banned. my voice is a little deeper, but other than that I feel fine.

had my first multivariate test this morning. I am pretty sure I made a 100. But I usually think I have made a 100 on most tests. after 19 years of test-taking, I still do not enjoy it. I am going to do something other than these kinds of tests when I get to be a big-time professor. I guess some people hate writing papers. I actually enjoy that. I have to say, after my comps were finished, and everyone told me how great I did, I actually enjoyed it.

have the first big 5k on saturday. I hope they don't drug test me! I will be illegal!!!! I wonder if prednisone taken for 2 days before a race is really a performance enhancement. I guess we can compare this time to my others and to one in a month when I will be "clean."

shana tovah! don't know how to spell it, but it means happy new year in hebrew. I celebrated by eating two bowls of matzah ball soup yesterday, and an entire reuben sandwich today. I know I am feeling better, because my appetite is back to normal. the matzah ball soup totally hit the spot for my congestion yesterday. it's more oniony than chicken noodle, and the carbohydrate balls make your tummy feel soothed.

well, I need to work on my poster for ASHA. Ironically, APHA was supposed to be in New Orleans in November. I really did not want to go, but my advisor had wanted us all to take a road trip together. I have never been to New Orleans. I will probably never go, now.

next week I am going to the fair! fun. and possibly a football game that coincides with my FIFTEEN year high school reunion (which should have been in June). we'll see about the latter.

oh, I haven't figured out how to post pics, yet. I will get on the links, soon

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I moved

I decided, because I hardly ever play out anymore and my website was supposed to be primarily for my music biz, to move to a blog. Everyone has already done this except me. I will move pics over and things like that. Now, you still know what's up.