Monday, October 27, 2008

baby songs

Baby, It's You
Baby, Come Back
Baby, Let Me Follow You Down
Here Comes My Baby
Baby, We're Really in Love
Baby's in Black
Baby, Now that I've Found You
Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby
Baby Love
I Can't Quit You Baby
Please Call Me, Baby
Baby, Let's Play House
Baby Boy


Sunday, October 26, 2008

To Palin

\'pal-in\  verb
To speak using folksy colloquialisms and vague, political talking points to avoid answering a question

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

kettle bell train

BH has gotten me on the kettle bell train.  He bought 3 that are almost too heavy for me to lift once, but I bought one that is 5 lbs.  Yes, that is very light, but it's good for me to learn how to do the exercises with a light one.  I think my clients will enjoy the variety.  I also rented a great kick-boxing video - Kimberly Spreen - from Netflix.  She has a segment in which she uses a body bar kind of like a light saber/some kind of martial art blocking/attack stick.  I don't know how to describe it except that it's fun and similar in principle to the kettle bell.  You move the weight and allow momentum to be part of the movement, but also keep it in control.

A few of my boot campers told me the last couple of boot camps have been too easy.  I always feel very defensive when I hear that.  As my defense, I think it all of the sudden got cooler, and what had us dying in 80˙ heat with 80% humidity is not very challenging when it's dry and cool.  But I am definitely going to "bring it," as the kids say, to the next class.
LM and I have walked several mornings in a row.  I was just walking with Hank in the baby bjorn, but now I have added 2x2lb ankle weights and 2x1lb hand weights.  Oh, yeah.  26 extra pounds.  

I have a hypothesis regarding 3 groups of postpartum mothers: group A - no exercise, group B - exercises alone, group C exercises with the baby out among people.  I think there would be statistically significant differences in ppd, and I would even say happiness, between the 3 groups.  When we walk with Hank, especially when he has his sunglasses on, we have about 99% smile/greeting rate.  When I walk alone, I have about a 50%  smile/greeting rate.  And, of course, if you are home alone, no one is smiling at you, except the baby after about 3 months.  It seems to me that we already know exercise attenuates or effectively treats depression, but I think the added social, positive reinforcement would add another level away from depression/towards happiness.  Probably not too controversial, but would be interesting to quantify. 

the good ol' days

when you suggest to someone from the previous generation that some child care practices have changed in the past 20-60 years, you are often met with defensiveness.  E.g.  you might hear something like, "well, when you were a baby we fed you asbestos right out of the can, and look, you're fine, now."

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

WAY less zeal

I have to listen to the advice I often give, that is, if an obsessive thought enters one's mind, one gently remind oneself to let it go. I also know about myself, when someone tells me something they think I am doing wrong, especially when it seems completely out of the blue to me, I am extra sensitive. Also, when I think I am doing something well, and then someone tells me I am doing it wrong, I am extra sensitive. People are doing the best they can at the moment, including me and including the person doing the telling. The key to the reminding to let it go is the gently part. When I talk to myself in a voice that says, "you idiot," it's not very helpful.
Going to do a 4:30 run with Marie this morning before bootcamp. Our first since we were about 3 months prego.