Wednesday, May 30, 2007


yes, you can now subscribe to the ol' blog. blogs are like assholes, everybody has one.
you can also click on the latest news from the NY Times. lucky you!
I recently read a quote by WH Auden, speaking of the rear end, and he said something along the lines of "everyone thinks their own farts smell good." how true, WH, how true.
I also think my own underarms and feet smell good. I guess it's adaptive. speaking of pheromones, something springy is in the air, because the birds and bees are calling me.

Monday, May 28, 2007

woke up early

woke up before my alarm this morning. it is raining lightly. I love getting up before the world does, and feel it is license to do something unproductive. been meaning to scan in some OLD photos. little did I know what a long, strange trip 1995 would be. looks like I am off to a great start. if I hadn't gone where I went, I would be where I am, year's eve 1994 > 1995

not sure why, but we decided we needed hats

my birthday party 1994. dawn and lance

more bday party

kerstin and vivian the cat

seriously oldy. Rhett Miller 1987 at ISAS. we pretty much thought he was James Taylor or I don't know, Paul McCartney.

stew and mere at train station by Sarah Lawrence. stew was seriously tough, then.

dawn at Big Bend 1994

dawn and mere in Gauze. we made bread. tasted good, but did not rise.

there is a big, green blob of rain over us, right now. I am loving the rain, but it is not helping my agora-avoidance. I guess I should refrain from using the term agoraphobia.
got a little work done this weekend. a little napping. ran long yesterday by myself for the first time in a LONG time. Marie is out of town. I listened to NPR. I was EXTREMELY sweaty when I finished; it has been very humid. going to train clients this morning at 8, then start again at 2:45. hopefully 9 - 2:25 will be productive. just have to think about it one tiny step at a time. when I think about "finishing my dissertation," (for the second time) it is too overwhelming, and I feel like taking a nap.
been wearing my mbt shoes I got off ebay. they are neat. and I got them for a bargain.
I was going to swim outside at the J at 9, but with all this rain, I bet the water will be TOO COLD. I like my 81˙ at the TSC. in the fall I guess I will have to get someone to sponsor me so I can join rec sports. yes, I am rambling.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

turn off npr

the other day I told Brad I was feeling agoraphobic. (and, I am sure it is not pathlogical, I just sometimes want to be inside and not out amongt 'em, as I like to say.) I am sure he knew what I meant and was just being difficult, but asked what agoraphobic was. that did not make me feel like sharing my innermost thoughts and feelings, so I said it was literally 'fear of the marketplace' - the agora. he said, well, you better turn off npr. why? because marketplace is coming on at 6:30. hilarious, Brad.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


very proud of us for attending at least 20 minutes of the water polo party this evening. we played 4 square. that was about it. you could only hit the ball with one hand. of course.
must have sweat a lot today during our run because I chaffed like an idiot. we both took naps today. I think I have slept at least 12 hours in naps this week. the nap has called, and I have surrendered.

Friday, May 18, 2007

next time

just in case the Spirit of the Universe reads blogs, I would like to come back to earth sometime as:
a) a fast, powerful, male, possibly black, possibly gay, running back who plays 1A high school football (6 man?), then rockets to NCAA Division I success, NFL player for anyone except the Cowboys, and finishes up with a commentator job sitting next to Howie Long.
b) a tiny (under 5'5"), possibly Latina, agile, limber, classically trained professional dancer.
c) a child psychologist.
just wanted to let You know.

trying to do MANOVAs when they were T-tests all along. Ockham's RAZOR. duh!!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


noticed someone from Honolulu looked at the ol' blog. I imagine it was Andrew, the Officer and Gentleman. yes, Brad and I have watched about an hour of the show this season. it is embarassing - for us and the participants.
while walking to my stats appt through the South Mall, I reminisced about making out with LG in the bushes. it was totally PG rated and funny. we just couldn't contain ourselves. and, as I may have mentioned before, in retrospect, it was the first time I became aware I might have problems with emotional intimacy. when he told me he loved me I felt totally freaked out and was not nearly as interested in him as I had been. hm.
it occurs to me when BH dances toward me that I still may have some of said issue, but I have definitely made progress. thank God!
had clients this morning. didn't get too much work done. a little.
ready for dinner!!!!

Monday, May 07, 2007

euphoric recall

I am watching my students go through the end of the year mating dances and thinking it looks like fun. a) it was not fun for me at the time b) it probably looks like more fun than it is, and c) I have a tendency to romanticize things. it's called euphoric recall. it is normal and human to do. and I don't act on it, so that is progress.
BH and I do need a romantic rendez-vous tout de suite, but I don't know what or when.

met with a stats person today. I learned you have to transform scores if distribution is skewed, and there are a bunch of transformations for a bunch of different distributions. interesting. I don't know if I had ever heard about that before. if I have, I don't remember.
now, I am back on a rewriting role. it is TEDIOUS to move and change my beautiful tables and figures. oh, well.

I listened to madamimadam the other day. I think it is a good record - the band, the arrangements, the songs, and the performances. the only thing I don't like are those crizazzy sound efx on broken keys. I didn't like those at the time. too cuckoo. but, other than that, I think it is good. I hadn't listened to it since it came out - SEVEN years ago. wow. time has flown.

there was an article in the Statesman today about foster kids. another prod.