Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Love is strong word

Loving teaching my class. It is awesome and fun.
Had a lesson with DID, yesterday. It was good. Going to go back to training with him for a C&W comp sometime in the future.
Had a good lesson with Carlos, too. I feel unfreaked out dancing salsa with him. He is teaching me a shine and a couples pattern. I want to learn some new routines.
I feel like I have cheated on DIT. I know it's silly. Given up on DPB.
Going to cover some dresses in rhinestones.
HH goes back to gymnastics today.
He is loving his school, too.
The only think I don't love is parking. My appointment STILL has not processed, so I am parking in the garage at hourly rates. Ouch!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I have a class to teach

Sewed my sweater patches on to my tweed jacket. Or was it tweed patches on to a sweater? (Homer Simpson's bout as a community college teacher). Can't say who, of course, and it's not Colt McCoy, but I do have 1 current and 1 former Longhorn in the class. I have to say, I am totally star struck, but have kept cool so far (one class period). Didn't talk long enough yesterday, but seemed to keep everyone's attention, and I think it will be a good group. They were awake at 8 am and smiling. I hadn't been to the 9th floor of Bellmont since they put carpet in front of the elevators. And the 10th floor is no longer an abandoned sleeping lounge, but the undergrad advising office. It remains the place where furniture goes before it is put to rest.

We have all been sick: Hank and I with sinus infection (about #5 for me this season), I with bronchitis, Hank with bronchitis, Brad and I with stomach flu. Stomach flu was ├╝ber boo. Brad and I realized we had it around 11 pm Friday night. Thank God my dad answered the phone, brought us phenegren, and took Hank home with him. Brad and I emerged from our excretions and comas around 12 pm on Sunday. Haven't felt much like eating since. I had made a beautiful cabbage salad with grapes, carrots, and homemade peanut dressing for lunch. Needless to say, that sounds absolutely disgusting, now. Brad had eaten Newman O's just before bed. That will keep him out of my cookie stash for a while.... Didn't get to perform at Lone Star, consequently. Danced a LITTLE Friday night. Hope I didn't spread it.

Been "watching" Twilight I downloaded from iTunes. Over and over. It plays in the background. I don't watch it except every once in a while I flip over to watch scenes. The prom scene. R Pattz' performance is Oscar worthy. He has been overlooked as an awesome actor, probably because he is so beautiful. I think Kristen Stewart does an awesome job, too. Although, one way she indicates hesitation (breathing, haltingly) becomes less endearing after 20 or so showings. Can't be faulted for that, really. I STILL haven't seen New Moon. Guess it's gonna be video for MLMH!

Love it!

Wow, I wish he were my mayor. This IS how social change happens. After self-reflection and examination, slowly, and one person at a time.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

My 2009 commentary by Meredith Hodgkinson (and some random dreams)

I heard a political analyst interviewed on NPR recently call Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor's statement to a group primarily of Latina law students, "I would hope that a wise Latina, with the richness of her experiences, would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life," 'stupid.' I think most of the commentary and reporting on the comment was ignorant of the fact that a) She was trying to inspire some young women of a particular ethnic background and probably SES. We, as news media, or as a society, don't give anyone else a hard time (politicians and Supreme Court Justices included) for trying to inspire people based on their experience and the experience of the majority of their audience. b) She was alluding to a comment made by Supreme Court Justice O'Connor, who said that, "At the end of the day, a wise old man and a wise old woman reach the same judgment." Ignorance drove most of the criticism of Sotomayor's comment. Justices are CONSTANTLY examining precedent, and Sotomayor has proven no different. And as Justice Scalia said, "There is no Catholic way to cook a hamburger." Sotomayor wasn't saying she would rule in favor of Latinos, but simply to point out she had an Ivy League education and an interesting life experience growing up as a "Newyorican." Would not life experience benefit anyone doing any job?
I enjoyed this commentary.

I would also like to address the backlash regarding President Obama's race. President Obama has not made an issue of his race. He is, in fact, bi-racial. In the US, we have a history of viewing individuals who were even 1/4 black, as being black. Now, this bi-racial individual is labeled "black." (I don't know if he self-identifies as black or bi-racial). The US has a long history of enslaving black and bi-racial people. No, we don't do that today, but it is significant, that we, as a country have moved from a completely oppressive system to electing a president who is "black." We made note when Justice O'Connor was seated. The US has a history almost as long at oppressing, while not enslaving, women. It is significant that in the same century women gained the right to vote that we have a woman seated on the Supreme Court, that we had a viable Democratic candidate for the office of president, that we have a bi-racial president. These are big deals. While we strive for "color-blindness," it seems more adaptive to strive for "color-seeing-acceptance." Let us be women, black, gay, green, and acknowledge it. It is obvious we don't make decisions solely on the basis of our differences. We don't even have to embrace our differences, but I plan to.

I was dreaming I went BACK to ESD, having a PhD and take a few classes I hadn't done well in. Linda Biderman was working there in admissions. Gloria and Marianne from UT were also working there in the administrative offices. I went to this class that took me forever to find. I had to run down to the building because it was about a 30 minute walk. I took off my yellow uniform shirt and ran in my sports bra and skirt carrying the shirt in one hand and Hank in another. There were a bunch of fast food restaurants in the building before I got to the classrooms. Hank had gone up to a salsa bar for a restaurant and took the scoop and scooped some into his mouth before I could catch him. I apologized; he loves salsa. Once I got to class, it was very crowded, and people were frowning I had Hank. I wasn't going to stay in class if he cried. The teacher was a man I had never seen and was an asshole. His lecture was very disorganized and confusing. I thought, "no wonder I didn't do well in this class. If it doesn't get better, I'm not taking it, again." He and I got into some arguement when I told a girl it was ok to cry. Actually, I said, "it's ok," to her at the end of an exercise in class. He had brought in his wife, Lisa Loeb, to do some role-playing with her, her baby, and this gal. I don't recall exactly what it was, but it upset the girl. I told him he wasn't a psychotherapist. He said, actually he was. He had 5 degrees. (Trumps my 3). I said, well, this wasn't a psychotherapy session. Agreed.

A couple nights ago I dreamed my mom had appendicitis and my dad wouldn't take her to emergency. Dave Breihan happened to be at my parents house to take care of Hank while I took my mom to Presbyterian. They hooked her up to a scanner kind of like Idiocracy meets Brazil (movies). I was giving Dave instructions about how loud he could have the radio on with Hank asleep. I figured we would make out when I got back home. haha.

Brad and I had the same dream the other night. I don't recall what it was at the moment, but we dreamed we were in the same place on the same night. Ooooooo.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy new year 2010!

Here are some showcase pics by Raman Evazians.
Lindy blues team

The move that launched 1000 arguments / me dying inside.

And a few of me and Tommy.
Where does my leg go, exactly?

Ah, there it is!



Hey, I'm still standing erect!

Remembered to let go!

How I wish that you were mine...(We danced to Ma Cherie Amour).

I think it was 100% fun. I even succeeded at putting my own eyelashes on. What a personal victory.
Been having dance withdrawal, but been enjoying family time. Our internets have been down since we got back from Dallas. It has kept BH from working after work, and he has also been especially his charming self. I have enjoyed his company, a lot.

Been watching Curb Your Enthusiasm on DVD. It kind of makes me nervous, but he's pretty funny and reminds me of myself. Did I already mention that?

I went to bed around 8:30, but woke up around 3. Finished the paperwork for our FSA submission. Got these showcase pics scanned in. Worked on charitable donations for our taxes. Go, crazy sleeper! I hope I get a nap in, later!!!

I am obsessed with rhinestoning most of my possessions.
I want to go with the tan bikini with rhinestone net covering for my next costume. Unless I am PG. Or unless I am very PG, and it will be more ok with me that my thighs look bigger. Just kidding, sort of. I love my functional body. OK, love is a strong word. I AM very grateful for the body I have. It works great, and most of the time, I do like how it looks. I appreciate it. And, noone is perfect. But, everyone is perfect in their imperfections!

For the new year, I don't have a new resolution, per se. I resolve to continue to be vigilant about living one day at a time and sometimes 5 minutes at a time. Each nanosecond is a gift and an opportunity. I forget that most of the time. Hank helps.
I should resolve to listen to my thoughts less. For example, when my brain tells me not to leave the house, after the other part of my brain already decided we were, I should ignore the not leaving part. I resolve to be mindful about that and consider trying it. Or, maybe I should put a little less pressure on myself for out-of-the-house activities. For example, instead of adamantly making a declaration that I will go to deja vu, I should say to myself, "self, you have always enjoyed deja vu, consider attending this Sunday." Then, I will say, "thank you for the suggestion. I will consider it." Just kidding. Sort of.

2010 sounds like the future. I hope your future is awesome!