Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I have a class to teach

Sewed my sweater patches on to my tweed jacket. Or was it tweed patches on to a sweater? (Homer Simpson's bout as a community college teacher). Can't say who, of course, and it's not Colt McCoy, but I do have 1 current and 1 former Longhorn in the class. I have to say, I am totally star struck, but have kept cool so far (one class period). Didn't talk long enough yesterday, but seemed to keep everyone's attention, and I think it will be a good group. They were awake at 8 am and smiling. I hadn't been to the 9th floor of Bellmont since they put carpet in front of the elevators. And the 10th floor is no longer an abandoned sleeping lounge, but the undergrad advising office. It remains the place where furniture goes before it is put to rest.

We have all been sick: Hank and I with sinus infection (about #5 for me this season), I with bronchitis, Hank with bronchitis, Brad and I with stomach flu. Stomach flu was ├╝ber boo. Brad and I realized we had it around 11 pm Friday night. Thank God my dad answered the phone, brought us phenegren, and took Hank home with him. Brad and I emerged from our excretions and comas around 12 pm on Sunday. Haven't felt much like eating since. I had made a beautiful cabbage salad with grapes, carrots, and homemade peanut dressing for lunch. Needless to say, that sounds absolutely disgusting, now. Brad had eaten Newman O's just before bed. That will keep him out of my cookie stash for a while.... Didn't get to perform at Lone Star, consequently. Danced a LITTLE Friday night. Hope I didn't spread it.

Been "watching" Twilight I downloaded from iTunes. Over and over. It plays in the background. I don't watch it except every once in a while I flip over to watch scenes. The prom scene. R Pattz' performance is Oscar worthy. He has been overlooked as an awesome actor, probably because he is so beautiful. I think Kristen Stewart does an awesome job, too. Although, one way she indicates hesitation (breathing, haltingly) becomes less endearing after 20 or so showings. Can't be faulted for that, really. I STILL haven't seen New Moon. Guess it's gonna be video for MLMH!

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