Sunday, September 30, 2007

17 Week Pics

BH and I at 17 weeks.
Now, we are 20 weeks. Wednesday we get to find out the sex.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

the only problem

the only problem with my swim coach job is that I now hate swimming and children.

BH is feeling better but not great. the adaptiveness of his running has become extremely clear to both of us because he has been seriously bummed. Monday night we were watching Ken Burns' War movie and he said, "I'm irritable! Even the PBS guy is irritating me. Not everything is pleasantly interesting!" well, said , BH. poor, darling. he is very frustrated in his job, also. I think we have served each other well in acting as sounding boards. he is also much better at detaching from the results than I am. I going to practice that.

off to boot camp. I now perceive my J ladies and college students as so pleasant and easy-going! there's that silver lining...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

ok, but bunged-up

BH took a big spill on his bike today. had a flat while riding across the dam on the dam loop - going downhill (probably at about 30 mph!!!) he's scraped and bruised, but ok. didn't his his head, thank God. but, he did hit the cement wall. ouch!!! some good Samaritan cyclists took care of him. I was working at the J. in an extreme act of toughness and self-reliance, he RODE HOME - up the dam and back up to our house. on my way home from the J, I saw he had called but didn't leave a message. I called him back and he was at the ER because his side hurt. very cautious and smart, BH. turns out his side hurts due to bruised ribs. : ( poor darling. his bike is ok. fyi, if I ever were in a bike wreck, and BH was at work, I would call every phone number possible to get him to come and pick me up. he said he didn't think about it.

had our first swim meet at LC, yesterday. the kids did well. it was HOT.

Friday, September 14, 2007

no info

Baby's heart is beating great, but we did not get to find out the sex today.
We will find out in 3 weeks.
Trying to get the things done today I didn't get done last post.
Finished Plan B. Started All New People, an earlier novel. When I finish that, Lana sent me Ann LaMott's newest book. Very sweet.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

no reason

been reading Plan B by Ann LaMott. loved Traveling Mercies. this one is also excellent. it got me fervent about continuing to mentor my little gal. however, it also spawned a material desire, for no good reason. I have probably vegged an hour in front of the computer this weekend (which is fine, I need some mindless escape) looking for .25 ct CZ or diamond, round, stud, white gold, screw back earrings. haven't found any that are perfect, plus, I realized this was a gazingus pin the Money or You Life book warned about. I am white knuckling it for now.

decided to pare-down Sundays, more. I am too pooped to teach 2 classes, then have 3-4 hours of clients. I need to call them all and tell them, but who likes calling with bad news!

definitely going to back up my computer today. after this week, it will be a little less hectic until Don's wife has the baby. this week I am continuing to hep the new TA teach swimming. he is very good and doesn't need help, per se, but can use assistance with our procedures, etc.

get to find out if it's Hannah or Hank on Friday!!!