Sunday, September 09, 2007

no reason

been reading Plan B by Ann LaMott. loved Traveling Mercies. this one is also excellent. it got me fervent about continuing to mentor my little gal. however, it also spawned a material desire, for no good reason. I have probably vegged an hour in front of the computer this weekend (which is fine, I need some mindless escape) looking for .25 ct CZ or diamond, round, stud, white gold, screw back earrings. haven't found any that are perfect, plus, I realized this was a gazingus pin the Money or You Life book warned about. I am white knuckling it for now.

decided to pare-down Sundays, more. I am too pooped to teach 2 classes, then have 3-4 hours of clients. I need to call them all and tell them, but who likes calling with bad news!

definitely going to back up my computer today. after this week, it will be a little less hectic until Don's wife has the baby. this week I am continuing to hep the new TA teach swimming. he is very good and doesn't need help, per se, but can use assistance with our procedures, etc.

get to find out if it's Hannah or Hank on Friday!!!

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