Tuesday, August 28, 2007

some sickos

I was just showing Brad my sitemeter, and our sleuthing determined the biggest hits for the mmblog are ugly baby and kid porn. Both are things to which I have referred, however, the latter was NOT kid porn, but a kid who made a very funny and interesting film for a class project about the Vietnam War that used G-rated scenes from a 70's porn. I don't know what kind of sicko googles kid porn, but I am sure he or she is sorely disappointed to find self-absorbed pontifications that are possibly the antithesis of kid porn. Another hit I sometimes get is the Stuart Smalley - Michael Jordan sketch which is one of my favorite SNL's of all time. But, unfortunately, too, for this internet researcher, the search is futile.


elizabeth said...

I know this is completely random, so please forgive me. I am an old fan from your music days... used to see you often while I was at UT. To make a long story short, my husband lost my copy of Bob and we have turned our house upside down trying to find it since I still listen(ed) to it regularly after 13 years! I've tried to track down a replacement and can't seem to find it available anywhere. So, I am hoping that you might be able to help me replace it in some form or fashion. My email address is:
Please let me know if you can help me get a copy... I have such fond memories of that album and even danced to "Dad's Flannel" with my father at my wedding. Sigh. Thanks!

Meredith said...

Hey, Elizabeth. Glad you got the CD!!! Take care.