Tuesday, August 14, 2007

done and DONE!!!

I am totally done. I did feel very relieved when I walked out of Brunhilda's office yesterday.
Getting lots done around the house.

Slept all day and all night Sunday, then this morning, woke up early.
I guess I am freaking out a little about getting the nest ready.
Read some of What to Expect During the First Year last night. I didn't know several things about breast feeding. Of course, but there were some surprises.
Go Wednesday for the 12 week. It is a long time to wait.
I think everything must be ok because my boobs are still big, and I can't poop. TMI, I know. But, no one ever told me this was what happened. Just some FYI.

Swam at NW yesterday. It was very hot. But, I did like it better than being too cold.

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