Friday, August 10, 2007


I have finished my reformatting revisions per the degree auditor at the GS.
Who knew changing the margins from 1" to 1.25" would take 1 million years?
I still do not feel totally done. Not until I schlep it back over to the main bldg, again on Monday and get the format stamp of approval from my friend.
Jesus H. Hodgkinson. I am ready to be done.

I have gotten lots of lifestyle physical activity, lately, including 2 trips to the main bldg from Bellmont, walked to get my allergy shot, and walked to Walgreen's today to get a prescription.
The walk today was especially great because I saw the parakeets by the IM fields.
I also saw a girl, who was not diabetic, buying insulin needles.
I do feel extremely grateful to be alive and to be living the life I am living. How incredible.
I didn't imagine I would be here in 1995. Not even anywhere close.
Wow. I can't put it into words.


Justin said...

Maybe the girl has a diabetic cat?

Meredith said...

Um, no. Unless she was a drug addict with a diabetic cat. That is possible.

leslie102395 said...

I remember you in 1995 and from there to where you are Me, too. Congrats on the pregnancy. I didn't know.

Meredith said...

Hi, Leslie. Is this Leslie M? Shoot me an email!