Wednesday, January 24, 2007

State of the Union Highlight

"Madame Speaker,"

Sunday, January 21, 2007


interesting weekend. begun Friday night with a power outage on our block that started at 7pm and ended sometime in the middle of the night. (we are guessing around 11). yesterday, I had a big day running with Marie, getting my allergy shot, and spending 8 hours in a room with my graduate student cohort taking a qualitative software training. it was actually very good. the software is expensive, though. and, I don't have any qualitative data right now. today, the sun is up, and the sky is clear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think BH was having MI flashbacks. hopefully, he will be able to get out and enjoy riding outside. I am off to teach spinning at the J. haven't been up there since last Sunday because it was closed M, Tu, W last week.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Adult onset, then teenagers, then kids, and now cats. At least, being a health educator, I can help the cats with type II diabetes. Apparently, getting more physical activity and decreasing serving sizes aren't enough.

UT, AISD, JCAA closed

Tuesday, January 16, 2007 - UT, JCAA, AISD closed all day.
It's not supposed to clear off until Thursday late morning....

ice ice, baby

oh, you knew it was coming. supposed to be iced in until Thursday morning. J was closed today. haven't heard about UT or J tomorrow, but I can't imagine they will open. if there is water coming out of the sky and below 32, I will not be leaving the house. however, bummer is I was trying to work on my diss, and this software I need to use on the UT server is not working. booooooooo.
we rented 3 movies on Sunday and haven't watched one. covered the tropicals in the backyard. just walked to 7-eleven so BH could get a money order for an eBay purchase. it was freezing, but not too icy. BH and I are enjoying being snowed in.

Friday, January 05, 2007


I did remember another non-guitar player bf. SL from DC, a musician nontheless. extremely charismatic and won't add me as his myspace friend. bugs me. also a drummer, well, 3. wow. ok. memory lane is a long walk.
I guess my new year's resolution should be to practice taking no for an answer. afterall, it is a pet peeve of mine when people don't take no for an answer from me. what's good for the gander is good for the goose. I think I am the goose, right? my other resolution was to practice not being perfect and to let other people also not be perfect. because, of course, no one is, and my imperfect definition of what perfect is is wrong for me and is indubitably wrong for everyone else.
I can't remember if it was last year or the year before, but one good resolution was "you can't take it with you." consequently, I have made progress in getting rid of things I don't use. and even made some progress in not buying things I don't need. maybe before I hit 40 I will get it down. oops, trying to be perfect. it's going to be a long year, I guess.
the other resolution I think about a lot is to be present and enjoy the moment. I find myself sitting in the anxiety of tomorrow a lot. and waking up wanting to get today over with. ironically, I have created a life I like. yet, I often realize I am trying to get things I want to do over with. how silly. the progress is I don't often sit in the regret of the past. I see how my experience can benefit others. I suppose I do regret what happened with SL which is a reason the situation is hard to mentally let go of. the other progress is that, at 11 years without a drink, I only bother cyberspace with my mental obsessions. oooo, the Chelsea Hotel, Ezra Brooks, and a calling card - a painful combination.

I stand corrected. SL does play guitar, and we are now myspace friends. I am happy about this in a strange and anti-climactic sort of way. I would also like to play with fire, but I know this means heartache for all.

every girl likes a guitar player

of course I love BH for many reasons, but one is that I am glad he is not a guitar player. they are intoxicating and mercurial. and the reason a guitar player is awesome is because he practices a lot, plays out a lot. additionally, all the girls throw themselves at him. although guitar players seem like they would be great to be friends with, you are second fiddle to the body of solid wood. I know this because with the exception of BH and 1 other, every boyfriend I have ever had was a guitar player. at any rate, I just saw the raconteurs on austin city limits. am now obsessed with jack white. I hadn't heard or seen him play before last night. he is very charismatic. I now want to own every album he has ever played on. did you know he produced loretta lynn's last album? and, he is from MICHIGAN! the other side, however, Detroit.

played, myself at the allgood café last night. was disappointed I didn't have much of a turn out. this summer I would say I had a good-sized crowd. I entertained myself by playing covers I like including a new one - you're a big girl, now.

starting to freak-out about the semester starting. it always works out, and there is absolutely no reason to freak-out. I think my anxiety is sustained by the fact that I hope this is my last semester and can I really get it done?????????????

tried to swim this morning at the Landry center. didn't feel like doing ANYTHING, but I stayed in for 2400m. don't know what my deal is. headed back to Austin tomorrow afternoon.