Friday, January 05, 2007

every girl likes a guitar player

of course I love BH for many reasons, but one is that I am glad he is not a guitar player. they are intoxicating and mercurial. and the reason a guitar player is awesome is because he practices a lot, plays out a lot. additionally, all the girls throw themselves at him. although guitar players seem like they would be great to be friends with, you are second fiddle to the body of solid wood. I know this because with the exception of BH and 1 other, every boyfriend I have ever had was a guitar player. at any rate, I just saw the raconteurs on austin city limits. am now obsessed with jack white. I hadn't heard or seen him play before last night. he is very charismatic. I now want to own every album he has ever played on. did you know he produced loretta lynn's last album? and, he is from MICHIGAN! the other side, however, Detroit.

played, myself at the allgood café last night. was disappointed I didn't have much of a turn out. this summer I would say I had a good-sized crowd. I entertained myself by playing covers I like including a new one - you're a big girl, now.

starting to freak-out about the semester starting. it always works out, and there is absolutely no reason to freak-out. I think my anxiety is sustained by the fact that I hope this is my last semester and can I really get it done?????????????

tried to swim this morning at the Landry center. didn't feel like doing ANYTHING, but I stayed in for 2400m. don't know what my deal is. headed back to Austin tomorrow afternoon.

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Frobber Matt said...

I think the Jack White obsession thing happens irrespective of gender. I'm chronically un-hip, so I wasn't hooked by the White Stripes. But his Raconteurs stuff suits me better. He's almost like Robert Plant AND Jimmy Page in one body - except better.

PS - Saw you perform ages ago at a bar called Chumley's in Dallas. Great place. I think it became a furniture store.