Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Middle of the Night Poems (Mostly Hokey)

I don't remember the format for Haiku, and these are not, but I did try to stay to an odd number of syllables per line. 

I gave up
books I left open
stayed unread
missing the person
who are you

loving the winter
cloudy skies
capillaries of the trees
sanctuaries now revealed

a hermit
facebook is my New York Times
always something worth reading
keeping up with how you are
all of you

late night hours
I was always up
lacking peace

never thought
angel face
precious time
speeds away
so holy
divine kiss
always loved
my two sons

Letter from Lloyd

I'm on Lloyd Doggett's email list (Lloyd's List).  The last email he sent, I replied with something along the lines of, "You are so awesome.  I love you!"  And, those things are true, but I assumed the email would either bounce back, go to spam, or at least go unread.
Nope, not my Lloyd.  He sent me this letter AND a 2011 calendar from the US Capitol Historical Society.  My home address wasn't on my email AND I'm not even in his district, anymore.  Lloyd Doggett is so awesome and I do love him!