Friday, February 26, 2016

My bday

H told me he wanted to get me something really special for my bday bc I always get him presents. He was browsing on Amazon and found a wooden poker table setting, some large golden earring shaped like flowers made from eggs, and the game Life ( bc he asked me what games I liked to play).  C said he was going to get me a pink dress. I told B he's responsible for anything they buy so I don't have to wear my pink dress and golden earrings in public. The other night H told me I was better than a calculator while I was helping him to a minecraft math coloring book. He hugged me after we did a line of problems. C had his poetry cafe this week. He didn't stand up or sing any of the songs they sang. H bemoaned his poetry cafe but recited 2 poems and seemed pleased w himself. Today is screen-free Friday which is very traumatic. I think I let them have way too much screen time. Mostly bc I can't think of creative ideas that are more fun than screens. Except on occasion we do a craft. Going to park and bouncy place are about the only things I can think of that trump a screen. And that's not really us doing something together. That's just me watching them play. Except C still doesn't want to go off by himself at bouncy place. I will be really sad the day he does go off by himself. H can find a friend easily when we go to park or bouncy place. C usually wants to play w H or hang w me. Today is Bs last day off before his new job. We had a good morning together then he ate lunch w kids. I'm taking C to vote after school and then to grocery before H and a friend come to our house. I think I've been first in line every day in Cs carpool line all year. I get here like 20 min early to make sure I'm first. Yesterday I sat w C in his line in the gym before school. Next year I don't think waiting outside his classroom is going to fly. But also I don't think his teacher will want to deal w him being teary if he doesn't want to line up. I'm trying to prep him for next year. He told me the other day he liked his old school. I feel a little bad taking him out of there bc we liked it, but I wanted to make sure he got in DL. He wants to learn other languages really badly. H not at all. I wish I were fluent in another language. I've lost a lot of French, and trying to learn Spanish it gets mixed up in my mind. 
Going to really try to go dancing on Sunday. It's been months. Last time I tried to go I was too afraid. I'm going to make myself go anyway bc I really don't believe I've forgotten the other dances. The best thing about waltz is we're not supposed to be staring at each other the whole time. It's a closer hold than I would expect and I wonder how anyone did it in giant dresses. 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

2/13/16 at the park

H brought all of his minecraft weapons to share w anyone who will play w him. He and C have found a set of brothers 7&5. It impresses me how generous H is w his toys. He wanted to buy a $65 Halo structure today at Target and I talked him out of it only by telling him he'd have to get rid of some baby toys because we literally have no space for it. Last time I tried to get rid of some old plastic pieces and lame toys from Chuckie Cheese, he cried and said I was trying to take away his memories. I'm the same way to a degree, but I frequently bite the bullet and donate stuff I don't use. I don't really do it with him noticing bc he would try to convince me to keep it. We had a baby toy that they used to lie underneath and eventually hold on to stand up. When I tried to give that away about 6 months ago they both said they loved that thing and played w it all the time. I managed to sneak it out of the house without them noticing. C got a new airplane that's similar to playmobile toys. When he got it I got rid of the hand me down plane with missing pieces that didn't stay together. The other day C said he wanted to use his new plane as a police plane and the old one just regular. Fortunately he hasn't actually asked to play w the old one yet. I wonder what will happen when I tell him I gave it to a kid w no toys. H still cries every time he remembers the giant Bevo that he never played w that I gave to the Blue Santa parade. I even replaced the Bevo, but the new one isn't wearing a jersey like the old one was. Not good enough. I'm surprised he doesn't notice I don't keep all his artwork. I take a picture of it and recycle it 90% of the time. Some I hang in the house. Neither one of them will eat anything except carbs. I got C to eat sunflower butter and saltines in the hopes he'll bring it to lunch. He thinks it's peanut butter and his buddy eats that. 

Monday, February 08, 2016

H's bday

H's bday party was at Pump It Up. We had one bloody nose and one loosened tooth. Other than that it went pretty well. He was disappointed the guy he most wanted to spend time with was in a bouncy area he didn't want to go in. C brought a friend and finally tried some of the slides etc. H is obsessed w playing Halo 5. It's hard to compete. 

Thursday, February 04, 2016

H check up

H is 51" tall. 45 lbs. 50-60%ile on height. Below weight chart. Still has to try a new food to get his allowance. Unfortunately he got $ for Christmas and bday so the urgency of getting $ is low. Doc said he has to take a flintstones vitamin. Getting his teeth sealed today. Going to bring cupcakes to his classroom bc I can't bring them to lunch. Eating weekly lunch w C today. H is playing his new Halo 5 game. I just heard him say no bien. Exitos!  I think it might be no bueno, but that is progress. He hated ballet folklorico bc it was in Spanish. Said it ruined his bday. C liked it. C liked riding the bus probably more than anything. Nana got him an enormous chocolate cake shaped like an 8. Of which he only ate the icing. I'm letting H skip school until I go up for Cs lunch. 

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

H's 8th

On Feb 2 at around 9 am we headed to the hospital and at 3 am the next day, H was born. I could never have imagined how much I could love another person. He is such an awesome kid. Sweet, sensitive, smart. I got him a Halo costume, a Jurassic World dilophasaurus lego, a plants versus zombies video game, some money, a pvz book, a tank, and Xbox gold. He opened his presents last night since I was gone this morning. His cake will have a mutant creeper and Blue the velociraptor. His party is Sunday at Pump It Up. C wanted a present for H's bday so I bought him a car he was wanting from CVS. He's really excited Nana is getting him a lawn mower from ToysRUs. 
Today I exercised, had my dance lesson (with my shirt on inside out), and studied the statistics I have forgotten from 9 years ago. It's coming back, but it shocks me that knowledge I had a command of has completely left my brain. I also have a really hard time remembering a dance routine. I think C wants to skip ballet bc he wants to get to Nana's to get his present for H's bday. I'm first in carpool line as usual. He likes for me to be first so I leave the house about 30 minutes before he gets out. Even though we live no more than 10 minutes away. Going to try to enjoy every second of the day.