Wednesday, February 03, 2016

H's 8th

On Feb 2 at around 9 am we headed to the hospital and at 3 am the next day, H was born. I could never have imagined how much I could love another person. He is such an awesome kid. Sweet, sensitive, smart. I got him a Halo costume, a Jurassic World dilophasaurus lego, a plants versus zombies video game, some money, a pvz book, a tank, and Xbox gold. He opened his presents last night since I was gone this morning. His cake will have a mutant creeper and Blue the velociraptor. His party is Sunday at Pump It Up. C wanted a present for H's bday so I bought him a car he was wanting from CVS. He's really excited Nana is getting him a lawn mower from ToysRUs. 
Today I exercised, had my dance lesson (with my shirt on inside out), and studied the statistics I have forgotten from 9 years ago. It's coming back, but it shocks me that knowledge I had a command of has completely left my brain. I also have a really hard time remembering a dance routine. I think C wants to skip ballet bc he wants to get to Nana's to get his present for H's bday. I'm first in carpool line as usual. He likes for me to be first so I leave the house about 30 minutes before he gets out. Even though we live no more than 10 minutes away. Going to try to enjoy every second of the day. 

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