Saturday, February 13, 2016

2/13/16 at the park

H brought all of his minecraft weapons to share w anyone who will play w him. He and C have found a set of brothers 7&5. It impresses me how generous H is w his toys. He wanted to buy a $65 Halo structure today at Target and I talked him out of it only by telling him he'd have to get rid of some baby toys because we literally have no space for it. Last time I tried to get rid of some old plastic pieces and lame toys from Chuckie Cheese, he cried and said I was trying to take away his memories. I'm the same way to a degree, but I frequently bite the bullet and donate stuff I don't use. I don't really do it with him noticing bc he would try to convince me to keep it. We had a baby toy that they used to lie underneath and eventually hold on to stand up. When I tried to give that away about 6 months ago they both said they loved that thing and played w it all the time. I managed to sneak it out of the house without them noticing. C got a new airplane that's similar to playmobile toys. When he got it I got rid of the hand me down plane with missing pieces that didn't stay together. The other day C said he wanted to use his new plane as a police plane and the old one just regular. Fortunately he hasn't actually asked to play w the old one yet. I wonder what will happen when I tell him I gave it to a kid w no toys. H still cries every time he remembers the giant Bevo that he never played w that I gave to the Blue Santa parade. I even replaced the Bevo, but the new one isn't wearing a jersey like the old one was. Not good enough. I'm surprised he doesn't notice I don't keep all his artwork. I take a picture of it and recycle it 90% of the time. Some I hang in the house. Neither one of them will eat anything except carbs. I got C to eat sunflower butter and saltines in the hopes he'll bring it to lunch. He thinks it's peanut butter and his buddy eats that. 

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