Friday, February 26, 2016

My bday

H told me he wanted to get me something really special for my bday bc I always get him presents. He was browsing on Amazon and found a wooden poker table setting, some large golden earring shaped like flowers made from eggs, and the game Life ( bc he asked me what games I liked to play).  C said he was going to get me a pink dress. I told B he's responsible for anything they buy so I don't have to wear my pink dress and golden earrings in public. The other night H told me I was better than a calculator while I was helping him to a minecraft math coloring book. He hugged me after we did a line of problems. C had his poetry cafe this week. He didn't stand up or sing any of the songs they sang. H bemoaned his poetry cafe but recited 2 poems and seemed pleased w himself. Today is screen-free Friday which is very traumatic. I think I let them have way too much screen time. Mostly bc I can't think of creative ideas that are more fun than screens. Except on occasion we do a craft. Going to park and bouncy place are about the only things I can think of that trump a screen. And that's not really us doing something together. That's just me watching them play. Except C still doesn't want to go off by himself at bouncy place. I will be really sad the day he does go off by himself. H can find a friend easily when we go to park or bouncy place. C usually wants to play w H or hang w me. Today is Bs last day off before his new job. We had a good morning together then he ate lunch w kids. I'm taking C to vote after school and then to grocery before H and a friend come to our house. I think I've been first in line every day in Cs carpool line all year. I get here like 20 min early to make sure I'm first. Yesterday I sat w C in his line in the gym before school. Next year I don't think waiting outside his classroom is going to fly. But also I don't think his teacher will want to deal w him being teary if he doesn't want to line up. I'm trying to prep him for next year. He told me the other day he liked his old school. I feel a little bad taking him out of there bc we liked it, but I wanted to make sure he got in DL. He wants to learn other languages really badly. H not at all. I wish I were fluent in another language. I've lost a lot of French, and trying to learn Spanish it gets mixed up in my mind. 
Going to really try to go dancing on Sunday. It's been months. Last time I tried to go I was too afraid. I'm going to make myself go anyway bc I really don't believe I've forgotten the other dances. The best thing about waltz is we're not supposed to be staring at each other the whole time. It's a closer hold than I would expect and I wonder how anyone did it in giant dresses. 

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