Thursday, February 04, 2016

H check up

H is 51" tall. 45 lbs. 50-60%ile on height. Below weight chart. Still has to try a new food to get his allowance. Unfortunately he got $ for Christmas and bday so the urgency of getting $ is low. Doc said he has to take a flintstones vitamin. Getting his teeth sealed today. Going to bring cupcakes to his classroom bc I can't bring them to lunch. Eating weekly lunch w C today. H is playing his new Halo 5 game. I just heard him say no bien. Exitos!  I think it might be no bueno, but that is progress. He hated ballet folklorico bc it was in Spanish. Said it ruined his bday. C liked it. C liked riding the bus probably more than anything. Nana got him an enormous chocolate cake shaped like an 8. Of which he only ate the icing. I'm letting H skip school until I go up for Cs lunch. 

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