Thursday, June 29, 2006


made a 96 on my last stats test. isn't that awesome? especially because I am taking the class pass/fail.
well, I think it might be a first for me.
enjoyed the dry-er weather which now appears to be over.
steve's pool was 75 on wednesday morning. too cold!
cc swim team is winding down. I wish I could adopt my little 6 year old. I don't think his mom would appreciate that. plus, I would have to bring him up to my office during the day which I don't think he would appreciate.
bh and I are having July 4 hangout day on Sunday because I will be working on my last SEM test on July 4.
thinking about vegging in Dallas in a couple of weeks. awesome.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Just got a reply regarding my exercise dependence survey email soliciation that was pretty funny. This lady said she would be happy to fill it out if I told her how I got her email address. If I didn't reply to this email, she would report me to "internet security." I imagine Al Gore must be running this deparment. It is actually legal to send someone an email asking them to participate in academic research, FYI.
Many are ironmanning today. Checking on folks online. Everyone looks good so far. I feel relieved to not be up there. It would be WAY too much with summer school, clients, munchkins, sleeping.
Had our munchkin meet yesterday. Had to scrap the relay because of the rain. Everyone did well.
Finished my take-home test! Going to work in the yard this afternoon.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


I have lots of data for my exercise dependence study. woohoo. people are complaining about internal consistency reliability. if you say strongly agree for I like to run, and strongly disagree for I like running, I know you are cuckoo and will not give your answers as much weight. see? I hope I can get 200 from the online survey. that would be awesome.

for the record, the windows remote server is a HUGE pain in the neck. AMOS software is giving me grey hair. other than that, things are peachy.
swm meet for the little guys on saturday. then working on my SEM test.
only two more weeks of both after tomorrow. wow.
was getting run down, but I rested yesterday, and today feel perkier.
had a send off dinner for marie last night. I imagine she will kick ass at IMCDA.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

An old friend, Mark Bynum, passed away on Thursday. Young with a young family. Unbelievably sad.
I hadn't seen Mark for about ten years, but I always remember him having a smile on his face.
When Mark lived in Austin, he had a dog named Fritz, often called Fritzy. He told me the dog didn't like girls. (The dog had apparently been taunted by girls earlier in its life.) I thought I could fool the dog, so I tried lowering my voice to call the dog and walked over to the dog like a guy. Did not work. Pretty funny.
We visited lots of lakes and springs one summer - Krause Springs, Hamilton Pool, and others I don't even know the names of. Lots of floating on tubes and drinking beer.
Mark let us stay at his ranch while we were getting sober. I remember his driving us into "town" which consisted of a gas station with a sandwich shop to get a sandwich. I think the sandwich was especially good because I hadn't been eating much, but it was a really good sandwich.
The family requests that charitable donations be made in his name. Communities in Schools, 6707 Brentwood Stair Road, Suite 510, Fort Worth, TX 76112. Keep praying for his family.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

like a normal person

ran yesterday morning on the street pretty much like a normal person. I did 9 min run, 1 min walk for 40 minutes, then ran the rest of the way. no leg pain at all. back is a little sore today.
summer school class going well. getting a little handle on spss. material is not challenging so far. it's the dang software. but, I found a TDH job online the other day for researcher that said must be proficient in stats analysis, etc., so here I go becoming proficient.
coaching the little kids is making me want a little kid. my 9:15 spin class this morning said, "hi, miss meredith." when I said hi to them. I told them about the little kids, and they said, yes, they love you because you didn't get them up early, make them eat and get dressed to get to swim practice. still, they are cute and sweet. a few in particular. one little girl hugs me hello and goodbye every day. an 11 year old boy tries to tell me weird stuff, and it's funny, and a 5 year old I am in love with. extremely precious. finish school, let Brad go to school, and then some offspring, I think.
saw al gore's movie yesterday. inspired to commute on my bike when I have time. inconvenient, it is. seems unbelievable we are where we are, but seems doable to get to where we need to be if we can REMOVE the republicans from congress and the white house. ugh.
went to costco yesterday and tried to remember that, with the exception of me, most people don't bring their brains to costco. this helped me understand the driving and parking in the middle of the aisle. or at least to hate the game and not the playas.
next sping I am going to get ready for "so you think you can dance tryouts." awesome.