Sunday, June 11, 2006

like a normal person

ran yesterday morning on the street pretty much like a normal person. I did 9 min run, 1 min walk for 40 minutes, then ran the rest of the way. no leg pain at all. back is a little sore today.
summer school class going well. getting a little handle on spss. material is not challenging so far. it's the dang software. but, I found a TDH job online the other day for researcher that said must be proficient in stats analysis, etc., so here I go becoming proficient.
coaching the little kids is making me want a little kid. my 9:15 spin class this morning said, "hi, miss meredith." when I said hi to them. I told them about the little kids, and they said, yes, they love you because you didn't get them up early, make them eat and get dressed to get to swim practice. still, they are cute and sweet. a few in particular. one little girl hugs me hello and goodbye every day. an 11 year old boy tries to tell me weird stuff, and it's funny, and a 5 year old I am in love with. extremely precious. finish school, let Brad go to school, and then some offspring, I think.
saw al gore's movie yesterday. inspired to commute on my bike when I have time. inconvenient, it is. seems unbelievable we are where we are, but seems doable to get to where we need to be if we can REMOVE the republicans from congress and the white house. ugh.
went to costco yesterday and tried to remember that, with the exception of me, most people don't bring their brains to costco. this helped me understand the driving and parking in the middle of the aisle. or at least to hate the game and not the playas.
next sping I am going to get ready for "so you think you can dance tryouts." awesome.

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