Sunday, June 25, 2006


Just got a reply regarding my exercise dependence survey email soliciation that was pretty funny. This lady said she would be happy to fill it out if I told her how I got her email address. If I didn't reply to this email, she would report me to "internet security." I imagine Al Gore must be running this deparment. It is actually legal to send someone an email asking them to participate in academic research, FYI.
Many are ironmanning today. Checking on folks online. Everyone looks good so far. I feel relieved to not be up there. It would be WAY too much with summer school, clients, munchkins, sleeping.
Had our munchkin meet yesterday. Had to scrap the relay because of the rain. Everyone did well.
Finished my take-home test! Going to work in the yard this afternoon.


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-Brandon said...

I was going to take your survey but it took me as long to get through 1/2 of it as it did to do my 11 mile run that morning.