Thursday, June 22, 2006


I have lots of data for my exercise dependence study. woohoo. people are complaining about internal consistency reliability. if you say strongly agree for I like to run, and strongly disagree for I like running, I know you are cuckoo and will not give your answers as much weight. see? I hope I can get 200 from the online survey. that would be awesome.

for the record, the windows remote server is a HUGE pain in the neck. AMOS software is giving me grey hair. other than that, things are peachy.
swm meet for the little guys on saturday. then working on my SEM test.
only two more weeks of both after tomorrow. wow.
was getting run down, but I rested yesterday, and today feel perkier.
had a send off dinner for marie last night. I imagine she will kick ass at IMCDA.

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