Sunday, June 18, 2006

An old friend, Mark Bynum, passed away on Thursday. Young with a young family. Unbelievably sad.
I hadn't seen Mark for about ten years, but I always remember him having a smile on his face.
When Mark lived in Austin, he had a dog named Fritz, often called Fritzy. He told me the dog didn't like girls. (The dog had apparently been taunted by girls earlier in its life.) I thought I could fool the dog, so I tried lowering my voice to call the dog and walked over to the dog like a guy. Did not work. Pretty funny.
We visited lots of lakes and springs one summer - Krause Springs, Hamilton Pool, and others I don't even know the names of. Lots of floating on tubes and drinking beer.
Mark let us stay at his ranch while we were getting sober. I remember his driving us into "town" which consisted of a gas station with a sandwich shop to get a sandwich. I think the sandwich was especially good because I hadn't been eating much, but it was a really good sandwich.
The family requests that charitable donations be made in his name. Communities in Schools, 6707 Brentwood Stair Road, Suite 510, Fort Worth, TX 76112. Keep praying for his family.

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