Thursday, January 28, 2016


H took 100 paper airplanes to market days and sold 48. He wouldn't take all the fortune tellers we made bc he didn't want to write on all of them. I want to keep C home tomorrow w me bc he has a doc appt in morning, and I don't think he'll want to go anyway. I want to put H&C on Don Crowley's swim team this summer if C can swim 25 yds. Right now he can easily swim 10 yds. He's not side breathing yet, but they're working on it. Don asked me to coach, but I don't have anyone to watch them during the hour they aren't swimming. My hair is long, and I've been French braiding it everyday. I'm not nearly as good as A. I hope we get to go to MI this summer if B has enough vaca. We're playing w a samoyed dog one afternoon a week for a client. C is warming up to him, but not entirely. He's a very calm dog esp for a puppy. I really hope I get to go dancing Sun night. It's probably been 3 months since I've gotten to go. I don't think I've had to wear a jacket. C wants desert after every meal. I can barely get H to eat. They weigh about the same. Even though H is over 4 ft tall. Not sure if H will stay in dual lang for 3rd grade. We've heard bad things about 3rd grade teacher, and he's still not developed and interest in Spanish. I can't remember what I've already written and what I haven't. I'm probably repeating myself. Oh well. I have a hard time staying in the moment and not focusing on trying to get them to do something or trying to get them not to do something. And getting them from point A to point B and back again w all our stuff. I remind myself all the time just to take in every second. And soon they won't take forever getting in and out of the car. And someday they'll be waiting for me to get out of the car, and I'll hope they're patient w me. It doesn't matter if we show up late somewhere. It's really hard for me to be ok w that. My favorite thing in the world is to snug w them. 

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