Monday, January 18, 2016

Oh and me, too

Still dancing and loving it. Did showcase in the. Summer. WCS w DID. I was so nervous I couldn't make myself smile. I worried about it so much, then when it was over, I was sad. Got to visit MI over Xmas. I love Brad's family. Kids loved sledding. I play hello kitty on my phone waiting for the kids. Still trying to lose 10 pounds. Laying off the Oreos and eating one meal of veggies and yogurt. Hope it starts working. Brad hates his job. I am working on some research and looking for a grant to fund it. I volunteer in H's classroom once a week. I did that in first grade also. I like to watch the Vampire Diaries and Suits while I exercise. I run on and off. I'm so slow now it really bums me out so it's sort of a vicious cycle o not doing it. That's all for now. 

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