Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Jan 20, 2016

H read by himself a Plants Vs Zombies book last night without any prompting. He usually says he hates to read and doesn't want to do it. C told me I looked pretty yesterday and H agreed. I was wearing a white Henley shirt that I think makes me look fat. H is playing Minecraft and Lego Jurassic World on the Xbox he got for Christmas from Nana. H finished his science fair project on permineralization with a little help from C. Every morning C doesn't want to go to school and asks me to eat lunch with him. Every day he tells me had had fun and often talks about playing with his friends. C takes a long time to get in the car. He doesn't want to line up in the gym and wait for his teacher. He wants me to wait with him outside his classroom. C likes a YouTube show called roadkill about fixing junky cars. They both drink a ton of chocolate milk and eat mostly simply carbohydrates. C loves chocolate and H likes mega icing Oreos. C likes to ride in the racecart at the grocery store. 

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