Wednesday, January 27, 2016


C said his milk was bad. I said it wasn't bad. He said it's bad ass. Not good ass. H loves playing Minecraft and talking to himself while he plays. H is excited for market days tomorrow where the second grade sells stuff they made to the rest of the school. C is in his third semester of ballet. I really want him to stick with it long enough to like it and to stick with it after someone tells him it's for girls. He likes being around girls, so so far so good. I'm doing WCS and waltz in my lessons. I haven't been able to go to the socials because B has been working. But he is changing jobs so hopefully the new one will not require working on Sun night. H is taking a Minecraft Lego class after school one day a week. They both take swimming twice a week. Charlie just got moved up to level 3. I volunteer in H's classroom once a week to help with writing. There's a wide range of proficiency. H doesn't like the Spanish part of school even though his teacher is very good at presenting it. I don't know if he will continue next year as we have heard bad things about 3rd grade teacher. C is dying to learn Spanish and comes home speaking Spanish syllables pretending he's speaking Spanish. I'm trying to get a grant to study HS students at recovery HS. Other than that I'm still at the J. It's ok because the hours work with the kids. B wants me to work in my field so he can work part time. The thought of not being with the kids when they get out of school makes me sick. I don't think I could physically be away from them for that long. I also think they need me. In a different way than they need him. It's an argument we have. B also says I spend too much money but will not tell me what is the correct amount. 

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