Monday, January 18, 2016


I haven't been writing stuff down the kids do because I'm busy watching them do it or playing with them. But I want to remember every single second with them. Here's some things that come to mind. When H was 5 he wore his Darth Vader costume to NW park, often on his bike. C still says mom, I love you out of the blue. Last night when I wanted H to stop watching the iPad and read he said he hated me and wished I was dead. H brings nerf guns to NW park now and makes new best friends every time. C talks in Spanish syllables pretending he's speaking Spanish. C still likes to play with vehicles. H even played with garbage trucks and dump trucks recently when C was playing with them. H loves minecraft watching people play on YouTube and playing himself. He went from watching Clone Wars music when he was 6 to dinosaur music. And now watches Halo music. H still likes it when I come to lunch although for the first time the other day, he played a little attention to a friend. C asks me to come to lunch every day. I come once a week. H does not like being in dual language. He loves science and science is in Spanish. He thinks he doesn't understand Spanish so he doesn't pay attention. H still snugs with me at night and wants me to read to him. Even last night after he was so angry at me. He doesn't like to read. C wants to read so badly. C takes ballet. H took a semester at Go Dance last spring but now says he already knows how to dance. They both take swim lessons at Tom's dive shop. C just moved up to level 3. H would watch the iPad or play Xbox all day if left unchecked. C just learned to ride a bike without training wheels about a month ago. H got a new gear bike about the same time. That's all I can think of today. I will remember more and remember to write more more frequently. 

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