Monday, June 01, 2015

Woke up worrying

Nobody died. World peace is not at stake. So, this should be absolutely no big deal. But, it's on my mind. A lot. I signed up to do a pro-am group performance at the adult recital (Showcase) at Go Dance. I thought I was doing ok. Learning the routine. Getting some of the technique. I have 3-4 more lessons before the performance. We had a group practice on Saturday at the south studio, which I have been to once. I completely forgot a lot of the routine. The phenomenon is called state-dependent learning, but I didn't know it would totally knock me over. I always think of the example, if you study for the test stoned, you should take the test stoned. We're having the performance at a hotel, so, another different location. I'm not sure what to do other than practicing in a different location, which is not going to happen. Of course, I'm afraid I will be the only one who forgets the routine at the performance. And, I didn't mention there are 2 performances. Just woke up around 3:30 worrying. The thing is, this is supposed to be fun. A bit of a challenge, but one that will be fun to tackle. At this point it is not fun. At all. Maybe it will all come together. I hope so, by some miracle, that it will. Trying to do some sport psychology on myself with minor efficacy. Anyhoo, just needed to vent.   I should mention that DID is being totally cool and calm about it which does help a little. But, maybe he should be panicking, too!

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