Friday, January 22, 2016


Got to eat lunch with them today. C giggles and plays with his friends. He's glad I'm there. Today H was hiding in my scarf and puts my arm around him. It's really hard for me not to cry. It's getting a little easier because I go once a week. I get very little done on the day I go because I'm gone 2 hours and get home and have to pick up C 45 minutes later. Totally worth it of course. I'm so blessed and grateful I get to eat with them. Today after school we're going over to a client's house to play with her dog. They are both very excited. I wonder how they'll be with the dog. They've never really been around one. H is making 200 paper airplanes for market days at school which is when 2nd graders sell stuff to the rest of the school to make money for a class trip. We already made a lot of fortune tellers, but he didn't want to have to fill them all out. H got 3rd place in 2nd grade at the science fair. He was very excited, but also very excited his friend got 2nd place. There was talk of H sleeping over at a friend's house, but when it closer, he didn't really want to be gone overnight. They both still sleep in bed with us. They don't want to sleep by themselves, and I'm not sure I want them to either. I figure it will take care of itself. I hope so. 

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Anonymous said...

Meredith: you were right, I believe, that no on reads your blog until I got a little free time and stumbled upon this to see what you are up to. So now you can say that your mother and me (not your father) read your blog.