Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy new year 2010!

Here are some showcase pics by Raman Evazians.
Lindy blues team

The move that launched 1000 arguments / me dying inside.

And a few of me and Tommy.
Where does my leg go, exactly?

Ah, there it is!



Hey, I'm still standing erect!

Remembered to let go!

How I wish that you were mine...(We danced to Ma Cherie Amour).

I think it was 100% fun. I even succeeded at putting my own eyelashes on. What a personal victory.
Been having dance withdrawal, but been enjoying family time. Our internets have been down since we got back from Dallas. It has kept BH from working after work, and he has also been especially his charming self. I have enjoyed his company, a lot.

Been watching Curb Your Enthusiasm on DVD. It kind of makes me nervous, but he's pretty funny and reminds me of myself. Did I already mention that?

I went to bed around 8:30, but woke up around 3. Finished the paperwork for our FSA submission. Got these showcase pics scanned in. Worked on charitable donations for our taxes. Go, crazy sleeper! I hope I get a nap in, later!!!

I am obsessed with rhinestoning most of my possessions.
I want to go with the tan bikini with rhinestone net covering for my next costume. Unless I am PG. Or unless I am very PG, and it will be more ok with me that my thighs look bigger. Just kidding, sort of. I love my functional body. OK, love is a strong word. I AM very grateful for the body I have. It works great, and most of the time, I do like how it looks. I appreciate it. And, noone is perfect. But, everyone is perfect in their imperfections!

For the new year, I don't have a new resolution, per se. I resolve to continue to be vigilant about living one day at a time and sometimes 5 minutes at a time. Each nanosecond is a gift and an opportunity. I forget that most of the time. Hank helps.
I should resolve to listen to my thoughts less. For example, when my brain tells me not to leave the house, after the other part of my brain already decided we were, I should ignore the not leaving part. I resolve to be mindful about that and consider trying it. Or, maybe I should put a little less pressure on myself for out-of-the-house activities. For example, instead of adamantly making a declaration that I will go to deja vu, I should say to myself, "self, you have always enjoyed deja vu, consider attending this Sunday." Then, I will say, "thank you for the suggestion. I will consider it." Just kidding. Sort of.

2010 sounds like the future. I hope your future is awesome!

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