Tuesday, May 08, 2007


noticed someone from Honolulu looked at the ol' blog. I imagine it was Andrew, the Officer and Gentleman. yes, Brad and I have watched about an hour of the show this season. it is embarassing - for us and the participants.
while walking to my stats appt through the South Mall, I reminisced about making out with LG in the bushes. it was totally PG rated and funny. we just couldn't contain ourselves. and, as I may have mentioned before, in retrospect, it was the first time I became aware I might have problems with emotional intimacy. when he told me he loved me I felt totally freaked out and was not nearly as interested in him as I had been. hm.
it occurs to me when BH dances toward me that I still may have some of said issue, but I have definitely made progress. thank God!
had clients this morning. didn't get too much work done. a little.
ready for dinner!!!!

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e said...

Hi Meredith,

I used to come to your shows in Austin and sometimes bug you afterward. Went to HS with Eric Geyer and saw you first at one of your joint shows. I went to highschool with LG too as a matter of fact, if we're talking about the same LG.

I'm writing for advice on where to buy your albums. I had bob, ifihadahifi, and madamimadam and lost them all due to theft. Planning to buy what is still available to replace them. Any suggestions other than using Amazon? I'd prefer you get as much of the proceeds as possible.

Thanks for your patience with my rambling,