Monday, May 07, 2007

euphoric recall

I am watching my students go through the end of the year mating dances and thinking it looks like fun. a) it was not fun for me at the time b) it probably looks like more fun than it is, and c) I have a tendency to romanticize things. it's called euphoric recall. it is normal and human to do. and I don't act on it, so that is progress.
BH and I do need a romantic rendez-vous tout de suite, but I don't know what or when.

met with a stats person today. I learned you have to transform scores if distribution is skewed, and there are a bunch of transformations for a bunch of different distributions. interesting. I don't know if I had ever heard about that before. if I have, I don't remember.
now, I am back on a rewriting role. it is TEDIOUS to move and change my beautiful tables and figures. oh, well.

I listened to madamimadam the other day. I think it is a good record - the band, the arrangements, the songs, and the performances. the only thing I don't like are those crizazzy sound efx on broken keys. I didn't like those at the time. too cuckoo. but, other than that, I think it is good. I hadn't listened to it since it came out - SEVEN years ago. wow. time has flown.

there was an article in the Statesman today about foster kids. another prod.


Will Elmore said...

Yes. Madami'Madam is a great album. 'My Thinking' is fantastic and I love your cover of 'San Diego Serenade'.

Something this morning reminded me of you so I got online to check out What happened to that site?

Anyway, found your blog and I find it highly entertaining. I hope all is well in Austin.

Meredith said...

I let go in favor of a FREE blog.
It is serving its purpose of letting me vent while posting the occasional, actual music news.
I enjoy your blog, also!