Wednesday, October 01, 2008

WAY less zeal

I have to listen to the advice I often give, that is, if an obsessive thought enters one's mind, one gently remind oneself to let it go. I also know about myself, when someone tells me something they think I am doing wrong, especially when it seems completely out of the blue to me, I am extra sensitive. Also, when I think I am doing something well, and then someone tells me I am doing it wrong, I am extra sensitive. People are doing the best they can at the moment, including me and including the person doing the telling. The key to the reminding to let it go is the gently part. When I talk to myself in a voice that says, "you idiot," it's not very helpful.
Going to do a 4:30 run with Marie this morning before bootcamp. Our first since we were about 3 months prego.

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