Monday, November 21, 2005

Barton Springs and new GRE pool = 68˙

The new Gregory pool opened Friday. The water is 68˙. As you know, this is the temperature of Barton Springs. Brr. Granted I swam at Barton on Saturday, but I was wearing a wetsuit, as usual. They are not planning on getting a cover for the pool. What the who? This seems a little cuckoo to me. Supposedly the J pool was 84 this morning. I have never been in when it was that warm. I think if Keith Bell had his way that water would be 68, also. I don't know why he doesn't coach people out there. Or at Deep Eddy. Actually, I think he does coach at Deep Eddy.
I am waiting on the plumber to come over and fix the leaky bathtub faucet. I actually took a bath last night, but it was still kind of yucky in there.
Now Brad wants us to move over by Deep Eddy, speaking of Deep Eddy. I guess we need to build the garage apt first, then rent out this house and the garage apt and then we can move over there. It still kind of freaks me out when he talks about us moving. Moving to me is such a HUGE deal. Any disruption in my routine is a HUGE deal. And believe it or not, I have made progress in that area. I know it's his way of fantasizing for fun and escape, but to me thinking about moving is not a pleasant fantasy. I guess I do fantasize about change sometimes, but it's little bitty changes like refinishing the bathtub and getting to take baths all the time. What a great fantasy. Brad obviously isn't interested in baths.
Have test #3 tomorrow. I feel pretty prepared, but I am studying this afternoon!!!!!

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