Sunday, November 06, 2005

defeat/success at komen

Brad got second overall at race for the cure. I, however, had a side stitch. Boo. I got it around the first mile, so I never could get rid of it. I am sad. This 20 minute thing is very elusive. I ran about 2 minutes faster last year. I can't figure out what my deal is. I tried to get Brad to agree that once I break 20 minutes, we can get a dog. He didn't say no. But he has said we cannot get a dog. I REALLY want a dog. I think I REALLY just want something to take care of. Rockit doesn't need me to take care of him, although I appreciate how dog-like he has been since he became an only child. Brad didn't think he ran as well as he might have because he spent all day yesteraday using the jackhammer on the foundation of the garage. He said it was exhausting. He did eat a whole box of dots last night, which, for him, is an ergogenic aid.

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