Wednesday, November 09, 2005

the good and bad

Well, it looks like Travis county was somewhat sane, but the rest of Texas is apparently 75% full of bigoted, ignorant people. My first thought was to move, but I guess the best way to change something is from the inside out, so I am going to stay and perform as many gay marriages as I possibly can.
At least 2 states (one of which voted for Bush) elected democrats as governors.
The civil rights movement in this country did not happen overnight, so this civil rights movement will take time, I suppose.

Something that makes me happy, my swim workout was good this morning.
WU. 2x (100 FR, 100 BR)
4 x50 BR

I. 20x25 Fly with fins :10R

II. 6x50 fly kick on back with fins on interval (1:05)
6x50 fly kick on side "
6x50 fly kick on front "
2x50 fly kick on front fast "

III. 10x100 free on moderate interval with paddles. I held 1:45's and did them on 2:00. I was pleased with that.

CD. 3x(50 BK, 20 FR, 20 BR)
200 pull

I told coach Steve about my 400 IM success, and he said now, I need to do it in a meet. If it's a meet with people who can't swim very well, I am totally in! Or a meet in which everyone starts in the water. Yes, I am there! Or maybe the special olympics. I could definitely take some of those kids. He was happy for me. I didn't tell him my plan to take off a minute every 3 months. I am sure he will go for that.

Have my eye on 2 dogs at TLAS. One is a jack russell mix boy 2 years, the other is a rat terrier mix girl 5 years. Both are strays. I am first on the list. Brad still hasn't said we can get a dog. I wonder if we can have a trial-run....

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