Thursday, October 20, 2005

I woke up at 3:20 local time which is 5:20, my usual awakening time (if not earlier). So, I decided to go ahead and get up. By 4 am, there was someone else in the 24 hour workout room with me. It's 5:25, and the place was pretty full when I left.
My flights were fine. I didn't know the plane was going to stop in Las Vegas until I got to the airport. The people who got off the plane which was most of the people are the last people on earth I would want to spend time with. I was really hoping we didn't crash on an island between Austin and Nevada. Things start at 8 am, so I have plenty of time to shower, eat, and figure out what to go to today. I stand by my poster tonight from 5:45-8 pm. I hope there is a chair because that's a lot of standing. I could walk to the airport in the morning. The hotel is very close.
I almost didn't get to take a bath last night, but I MacGuyvered the plug - it didn't seal. It's a good thing because I brought about 3 pounds of epsom salt I was hoping to not carry back with me on the plane.

Just got back from the buffet. Ate my weight in fruit. This was an obligation due to the $11 price tag. Still have about 45 minutes until anything starts. People are friendly. I met two women from NMSU in Las Cruces last night. I noticed they have a health ed program. Maybe there is an NMSU branch in Northern New Mexico. Las Cruces is fairly unscenic and fairly hot.
First thing this morning I am going to a pres by one of Fred's former students. That one should be good. The keynote is a 10:30 and is about childhood obesity - the theme of the conference. The speaker wrote the book, Diabesity. That one should be good. A nap may be in order because it is 7:30 and seems like lunchtime. There is a "free" lunch/discussion that I am going to. One of the topics is adolescents and risk-taking. Sounds good.

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