Tuesday, October 18, 2005

California, Here I come

Headed to Burbank tomorrow for the infamous ASHA convention. I hear it is really wild. I can't wait to take a bath in the hotel bathtub and watch cable tv. Oh, yeah, and put my poster up and all that stuff.
Rode my bike to school both days this week. It was really nice out this morning. Dry and sunny.
Ran 400's this morning. 10 at all-time record pace. Marie said it was 5k inexperience why I didn't perform up to snuff at the last one. I could go with that, but that means Brad suffered the same plight. We'll see at Race for the Cure....
Speaking of record times. I also did another 400 IM on Friday. In the meter pool at TLC. 8:12! This a a :46 improvement. I think I will definitely be ready for 2008 at this rate.

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