Sunday, October 30, 2005


Went to Brad's work's corporate challenge. It was a benefit for CF. It was pretty neat. For the record, I cannot accurately throw a football. I can throw a pretty spiral that goes to a person, but I cannot throw into a hole. I also am not very good at shooting baskets. Ironically, I don't think Brad or I helped the 8 person 50 yard dash relay much, either. Most people, even those who never run, can run 50 yards fairly fast without stopping. We did well in the standing long jump. We both had problems with the 8 person jump rope. Brad was stuck on the end, so he had to jump fairly high. It was hard to get 8 people into a rhythm.
Today I had a long morning at the J. 2 classes, then 2 clients. Then I got my flu shot. I was ready to go to the grocery store on my way home, and I coudn't find my car key. I put in on its own ring a while back because the mechanic said I was wearing out the ignition with a heavy set of keys, and somehow just the car key came off. Fortuntely someone volunteered to bring me home because Brad was outside (and still is) tearing down the garage.
I am studying for my test Tuesday. Yesterday, I didn't get a lot of studying done. Got to finish up this afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!

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