Sunday, December 04, 2005

Saw some awesome swimming this weekend. Saw Peter Vanderkaay win the mile. It was really beautiful. He didn't kick for about the first 1000, then as the closest guy started to make his move, he started kicking.
Got to see Kaitlin Sandeno, many of the UT Olympians, PVK and some other Michigan badasses. It was really cool.
I get to go to a clinic taught by Neil Walker tomorrow. That is going to be awesome.

Played on Thursday. Several friends came out. It was fun. I enjoyed singing and was surprised at how well my fingers worked. I am going to try to get a gig at that coffee shop inside the Groovy Lube on Guadalupe. They have music.

Brad has redone another window, and I helped a little on one today. That only leaves 3. Awesome.

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