Thursday, December 01, 2005

committee confirmed

Everyone I asked to be on my diss committee said yes. Now, my candidacy application needs to go through a long series of approvals, but I should be good to go.
Got to watch some prelims at the Texas Invite this morning. Saw Ian Crocker and Neil Walker swim 100 fly in the same heat. That was cool. Saw 8 heats of 100 fly. Ouch! And several heats of 500 free. All well under 4:45, many well under 4:30. A couple in the 4:20's. Wow. Faster than I can swim a 50, I think.
I am going to go back on Saturday and watch some prelims and/or finals. Saw Sandeno. Didn't see Phelps this time. He could swim, I guess since Crocker did, but maybe he just wasn't there this morning.
Brad has a cold. I am eating a lot of zinc and vitamin C and trying to get plenty of rest. He doesn't feel bad, but is stuffy.
Only one more week of school. Eek.

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