Monday, September 01, 2008


Some Focus on the Family freaks prayed for rain to rain out the last night of the Democratic convention (in the outdoor stadium). When you ask God to do something mean to other people, God does something mean to you. Or actually, to the disenfranchsed people you exploit or use at your convenience (e.g. Katrina/Gustav victims). Consequently, no one spoke at the Republican convention today. The moral is, "focus on your own damn family."

Speaking of the exploited, Brad and I watched Fast Food Nation, the fictional narrative based on the non-fiction book about the fast food industry, illegal immigrant workers, poor kids from small towns, and the reason you will never want to eat another fast food hamburger, again. The movie was VERY depressing. I think it might have been more depressing than say, Schindler's List. While SL was extremely depressing and sad, at least there was a small glimmer of hope (Schindler and the list). The plight of these folks is endless and hopeless and cycles for generations. Very very dark.

Enjoyed seeing Brad for an extra day this weekend. Wednesday, the kid and my parents and I are going to Dallas to do another round of clean up and clean out in their house.

Lastly, I got the oil changed on Brad's truck this morning at the Jiffy Lube where we always go - Lamar at around 34th. As I was leaving, the young, attractive, African-American chap that performed the oil change for "my husband's truck," said, "you got some guns, too." I can only speculate that what he meant by "too" was that in addition to having my oil changed, I also have large biceps muscles. I am not sure, however.

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