Saturday, March 22, 2008

Looking for an indoor pool in Austin, TX

I went to the J to swim today. I swam Thursday (82˙) and Friday (80˙), and today the water was 78˙ = a big boo. To some (especially non-swimmers) this difference may sound negligible, but trust me, it is very noticeable. Especially being out of swimming shape, I get way too cold in 78˙ water. I tried 24 hour fitness this afternoon, which I thought would be perfect - it's got great hours, there was no one else swimming, and the water temperature was perfect. However, while I was swimming, 1 guy got in the water 2x after emerging, covered in sweat, from the sauna. EXTREMELY gross. Another guy did the same thing, but did stand under a water shower for about 10 seconds before getting in. It was especially gross because the pool is 3 lanes (small), and the water was salty. I couldn't tell if they didn't use chlorine, or if the saltiness was a result of these chaps' periodic dunking. Either way, I am not going back.
I don't want to get all the UV radiation swimming outside at the J, and I can't seem to get out of bed at 4:30 am to make it there when it opens so I can get back so Brad can go exercise, too. When he gets home, I am too tired and don't feel like swimming. I hate swimming in cold water, and at UT there is no where to park. Isn't this such a sad, luxury problem? Can anyone think of a good indoor pool somewhere near Lamar and 53rd St?
Lifetime fitness at 620 x Parmer has an indoor pool, but that is pretty damn far. Town Lake YMCA has one, but not very easy to get to. Brad and I talked about building a 25m lane in our driveway. Wouldn't that be awesome? We would also have to have a fence surrounding it to make it 4 feet by 26 yards. I also imagine a pool can't butt up to the road, so we might not make 25 meters.


Anonymous said...

You mentioned YMCA in your post... there's one on Lamar, just north of Rundberg. They have a pool. Problem is, membership is $55/month and the don't have per-day, or drop-in rates.

I too am looking for an indoor pool option. I'm not as disturbed by the sauna->pool thing as you are. Of course the water is chlorinated. But Lifetime fitness is going to have expensive rates too... so I'm at a loss as well.

UT may have rates for the public to use their pools. There may be a community center somewhere with a pool. I won't deal with the sun.

momo said...

the water at 24 hour fitness pools is not chlorinated. all of their pools are saline pools. the saltiness is an alternative to the chlorine. i personally prefer the saline pools - they are much nicer to the skin and hair.