Tuesday, November 01, 2011

I am breathing through two nostrils right now

Had my sinus surgery last Wednesday - septoplasty and turbinates trimmed. So much less unpleasant than tonsilectomy. Went back to the doc today because I was in pain, and it seemed like my nose was getting bigger. (It wasn't supposed to change size on the outside). We had to wait forEVER, but HH was SUPER patient and did not freak out when Dr Eskew stuck this needle suction thing up my nose, which felt pretty gross, sounded gross, but has allowed me to breath in through two nostrils. At the same time! And we got home at exactly the right time for trick or treating. Whew! I go back Friday for more suction, then I go back next Monday for hopefully the final suction and the removal of this plastic thing that is holding my septum in place, I think. I am not supposed to blow my nose, but can sniff and saline and hydrogen peroxide with q-tips. I am also not supposed to do anything strenuous. Maybe I don't do anything strenuous anymore, but it seems like most things I do are strenuous. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. James Eskew otolaryngologist, and he is going to get a stellar review from moi on Yelp. You are welcome, Dr. E. I am obsessed with sewing. But, I can't seem to do it often enough that I don't have to mentally reinvent the wheel each time I sew stuff. But, it's fun. Doesn't take that long per step, and I feel the joy of creativity. Visit my Etsy shop. Of course, I had intended to sell these things, but have just given them away. I want to give them away, but I see the frown on Brad's face when I say these things are flying off the shelves. I've probably spent about $100 on fabric, needles, and zippers. I WILL make the $100 back. Just wait. I will get Ellen to like them, and we will have to set up a sweatshop in Hank's room just to keep our inventory stocked. CH is almost 1 year old. I cannot believe it. I want 2 more babies. If I get one more I will be happy. I am so happy I have 2. I want as many as we can make in the next 5 years. I don't want to play genetic roulette. I'm not crazy!

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