Thursday, April 17, 2014

No kids

After going to all these bouncy places I have to admit I don't really like kids.  I mean I don't like other people's kids. I like other people's babies. I became a baby person the second HH was born. Before that I didn't dislike babies, I just never noticed them. Some women coo when they see a baby, and I could've cared less. I guess what I really don't like is other parents. Park kids and parents are better than bouncy place kids and parents. But I've had plenty of annoyances with park kids, too. Still, I want another baby. I do really like a few moms, and I know they are my lifeline, but still it seems all we really talk about is our kids. Which is ok. I love my kids so much, I like talking about them. Still it would be nice to talk about anything else, too. Some moms, like our kids will hit it off, then we never see them again. That's sad. But I feel weird asking every mom for her phone number. Like a lurker in a bar. All that really matters is the kids are having fun. And if they're happy I'm happy too.  And if it's ok with them to say farewell to a 2-hour-long friend, it's ok with me.

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