Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Those balls

C asked me what color those balls are under his peeer. I gave him a mirror and let him check it out. He was satisfied. They both stay naked after we go swimming and nonchalantly do what I guess boys do while they're watching tv or the iPad or something. Yesterday H was crying I didn't get him an end of year present. I gave him a millennium falcon I had bought for him that I was going to sell I thought he didn't want and said that was an early end of year present for him and C. He doesn't remember that. Then he finally says he wants to give his half to C and he wants his own present. I told him there was no such thing as an end of year present. That no one else gets one. He is still upset about it. Today we went to Bartholomew Pool. It was super crowded. C can't tread water yet so I still worry about him some. I still don't want H to get very far out of my reach. I'm very paranoid about them getting in an accident or run over in the parking lot. I worry about that too much. H is obsessed w a game called fnaf. He makes me and B watch these videos and promises they will be so funny, and are more like a bad acid trip. We don't get it. But we watch and listen to him talk about it and try to laugh. We're going to beach for 3 days. I'm excited bc the kids are.  H jumps around the entire time he's watching tv or playing video games from the bosu to the trampoline to sofa. 

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