Friday, July 14, 2006

big d

in big D. played last night. had fun. remembered most of my own songs. had some help. that part was fun. saw some folks I hadn't seen in a LONG time and some that I hadn't seen in a while. it was nice to see everyone. I felt loved. cool.

gave my 2nd cousins swim lessons yesterday. it is easy to teach kids that have been indoctrinated with don's lingo. shark nose bubbles, giant pizza circles, and aloha ears. no wonder they looked at me like I was speaking Japanese.

heard the word Doran 2 is here. congratulations!!!

haven't gotten any work done, but I have gotten to enjoy the company of my parents. that is pretty cool.
riding inside watching the tour on their cable is fun. makes it easy to push on the trainer. got to swim at the landry center and am going again. was going to go to the dallas J, but it is far. the bapists are close to my parents house.

speaking of baptists, my dad said the baptists have the best hymnal as far as religious music goes. I guess I have to agree that there are some classics, but I love me some anglican organ music. how great thou art, his eye is on the sparrow, and were you there are pretty awesome. but o, God our help in ages past and a mighty fortress is our God totally rock.

mother and I have some serious missions today. getting packets of condiments at a store near fair park and hot dogs from costco. we both enjoy doing those things.

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phd wannabe said...

You played Dallas recently? I am going to cry. I never keep up with shows anymore. Of course you are wondering who the hell this person is, why they are posting, and why they are crying missing a Dallas show. My name is Cliff (aka the anarchist poet from the dave's days) and I had been in touch with you before but lost your email and couldn't figure out where to find you when your domain went down. (You remembered me as the guy who taught you Chess!)

Anyhow, I am thrilled to find this because the other day I was relistening to ifihadahifi just before ordering books for school, so I figured I would try in vain yet again to find Bob or Not Bob. Lo and behold I found it, and in a few days it will be in my grubby little hands. Thinking about that and relistening to ifihadahifi, Under a Radio Sun by Sleepy Heroes and Delight in Disorder prom the poppins all in one night caused some serious Dave's flashbacks!

I hope you play Dallas again soon, and are playing at least occasionally in Austin. I will absolutely make the next Dallas gig (provided I know it's happening!) Fair warning I may yell out requests of vintage '89 material!!!